26 storey development proposed for Old Lakeshore. Presentation scheduled for March 26 at Central high school.

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March 8th, 2019



Earlier this week city council slapped an Interim Control Bylaw on large portions of the city.  The freeze was for a period of one year and became effective the moment the by law was signed.

The rules of the game are such that the city is required to accept every application that is presented.  New development applications cannot go beyond the Statutory Meeting phase.

This development, being put forward by the Core Development Group that works out of Toronto has scheduled a meeting at which they will present the development.  That meeting will take place at Central High School on March 26th:  6:30 to 8:30.  Expect it to draw a large audience.

The developers have said that the Mayor and the ward Councillor have been invited.  Wild horses couldn’t keep them away.

Marianne Meed Ward used her opposition to development on the waterfront to get herself into office and hasn’t wavered a bit since she became a resident of ward 2.

ICB lands tighter #2

Everything within the shaded area has had new developments frozen for a period of one year.



The rendering doesn’t show the full height – there is a reason for that.

The proposal is for a 26-storey mixed use residential development with commercial uses at grade at what is known as 2093-2101 Old Lakeshore Road & 2096-2100 Lakeshore Road.

The heritage building located at 2101 Old Lakeshore Road will be retained as part of the development.

It is this kind of development application that pushed the planners to the point where they felt a development freeze was needed.  City Council readily agreed but the agreement wasn’t unanimous.


The Nautique – approved with construction underway.

There are funds in the 2019 budget for some research to look into what can and should be done in the way of development for the land between Lakeshore Road and Old Lakeshore Road; often referred to as the football because of its shape.  Land assembly has been quietly taking place in that part of the city.

The proposal for 26 storeys would make the building the same height as the ADI Development Group Nautique which has been approved.  The contractors have been drilling to learn just where the water table is – they plan on five floors of underground parking for their project.

SaveOurWaterfront- Meed ward

The battle to save the waterfront continues.

The Mayor just might decide to pull some of the banners used in her Save the Waterfront days out of storage and rally the troops once again.

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