634 volunteers put in 74,380 hours of service at the Joseph Brant hospital

jbhhealth (2)By Staff

December 5th, 2017



The new wing of the hospital is open – all we hear are good things.

The last stretch of the $60 million fund raising drive is going well.  The city of Burlington had to tax its citizen for $60 million and the hospital Foundation had to raise another $60 million.

The hospital is now focused on doing major renovations on the older portion of the hospital.

Each year the hospital prepares a report on what they did during the year. These are sometimes as dry as toast without any butter – and never contain a critical word or make any mention of where improvements are needed.

This year the hospital created a large graphic – filled with numbers.

JBH by the numbers

634 volunteers put in 74,380 hours – that’s 117 hours per volunteer. Impressive

It certainly tells the story.

You can read the full report HERE

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