A city council committee meeting drives citizen into the arms of a candidate for Mayor

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April 14th, 2018



Identifying your supporters and then getting them to work with you and for you is the hope, wish and dream of every candidate.

Melanie Pepper wrote in the Gazette comment section on a city council meeting that took place – she was not impressed. She wrote:


Councillor Rick Craven

A meeting a few months ago regarding 2100 Brant Street was an embarrassment. The City Planning Department and Rick Craven could not answer any questions or concerns the citizens had, they showed a lack of professionalism and preparedness. It was also revealed that the planning department told National Homes they could increase the density in the development ultimately creating a concrete jungle.

National homes - packed

Steve Armstrong delegating at the packed house public meeting at city hall

That Council meeting was 4 hours of citizen group presentations – councilman for the ward Rick Craven had a distasteful look on his face throughout the entire meeting and unlike the other council members, did not ask a single question. At the end of the meeting he couldn’t get out fast enough. He couldn’t be bothered to talk to ANYONE in the room.

Councillors Mead-Ward and Lancaster took the time to talk after the meeting. Councillor Mead Ward showed genuine caring for the city and constituents –I will be one of the first in line to work on her campaign!

Melanie can get started today – Marianne Meed Ward the ward 2 member of council has published her campaign email address – marianne4mayor@gmail.com

Council members don’t use their city hall address once the campaign is underway: Nominations open May 1st.

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