A developers view on the housing industry in Burlington

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March 6th, 2020



The developers who are either building residential towers that are 20 stories plus or have applications to build have a point of view.

Few of them do interviews but they do have trade journals that will publish what are really “canned” paid-for articles setting out their view of developments in Burlington.

Nick Carnicelli, president of the Halton Hamilton Home Builders Association, gave his view on the Outlook for 2020.

Carnicelli is a major Burlington developer with one project completed, another with shovels in the ground and a third that is a concept at this point.

Nick-Carnacelli-400x419 2

Nick Carnicelli, President, Carriage Gate Homes

He was interviewed by Condo Life, a magazine that promotes developments and provides background information for people in the housing market.  We are reprinting that article.

Condo Life: How do you see the outlook for the new home industry in 2020?

Carnicelli: We are going to see a very positive market. Spring will be very strong, with a number of very exciting projects coming forward. A diverse selection of housing will be available that will meet the many needs of new-home buyers. With interest rates remaining relatively low, and a strong influx of immigration, the economy will remain strong.

CL: And for your company?

Carnicelli: We think 2020 will be Carriage Gate‘s biggest year, following a very exciting 2019, with the launch of our Roxborough Park development. This is the largest development we have ever been involved in. The project will feature a dynamic and affordable mix of housing types in Hamilton’s east end – three-storey towns, back-to-back towns, affordable and market rental apartments.

CL: What is your company doing to address the issues facing the home-building industry – namely, affordability and new home supply?

Carnicelli: Carriage Gate continues to innovate and bring new products to market to address housing supply and affordability. We work with a talented team of individuals and many of the industry leaders to meet homeowners’ needs. Our newly expanded construction team will lead, our renowned architects and creative consultants will innovate, and our customer-centric team at Carriage Gate will push the envelope to find new creative approaches to homeownership. The Roxborough Park master-planned community coming in spring 2020 will introduce a wide variety of home styles and address more affordable housing options.

CL: What more could the industry do to address these issues?

Carnicelli 3

Nick Carnicelli – the man with four towers either built, under construction or at some stage of application

Carnicelli: The building industry must not be complacent. We must continue to work with all levels of government to spearhead many of the changes needed to support our ability to provide affordable, high-quality housing to meet the needs of a diverse range of home-buyers. Our industry does more than just build housing. We must work together with our municipal partners to create “whole” communities with a full complement of services and amenities to improve the quality of life, not only for the existing residents but for future generations.

Now more than ever, municipalities must work together to bring forward the changes needed. In many instances, the municipalities may not have a staff complement that is familiar with the types of development and redevelopment proposals that we’ll be bringing forward. These municipalities need our continued support. At Carriage Gate, we work closely with our municipal colleagues to promote the efficient review and consideration of new applications and many of the new and emerging municipal initiatives that fundamentally impact our business. We encourage the building industry to do the same.

CL: What should prospective new-home buyers know about your company for 2020?

Pearl and Lakeshore

Carnicelli’s proposed development for Lakeshore Road and Pearl

Carnicelli: We are committed to continuing to bring innovative and high-quality projects to market. Construction will move into high gear

421 Brant

The Gallery – under construction opposite city hall

at Gallery Lofts + Condos in downtown Burlington, with occupancy planned for 2022. Roxborough’s new master-planned community will come to market, in which Carriage Gate will play an integral role in the revitalization of downtown Hamilton, with the launch of one of the city’s biggest inner-city developments. We will forge ahead with the planning of a number of new condo projects through public engagement and consultation with our key stakeholders, and are looking forward being a part of downtown Burlington’s exciting evolution.

CL: Why should prospective new-home buyers consider buying from Carriage Gate in 2020?

Carnicelli: Burlington may just be the best place to live in Canada. It offers residents a safe and friendly environment as well as fabulous restaurants, shopping, festivals, events, a culturally rich arts community, and access to the Niagara escarpment.


Sold out – occupied. The development was part of a three phased project – the other two are going nowhere at this point.

Carriage Gate’s first downtown condominium, The Berkeley, geared to transitional buyers who appreciate a luxurious hotel-style environment, occupied earlier in 2019.

Our next project, Gallery Condos + Lofts at 421 Brant Street, is now under construction, with occupancy to begin in 2022. Located directly across from City Hall in the heart of downtown, Gallery Condos + Lofts is within walking distance of everything you could imagine.

From Lakeshore and Martha

On Lakeshore as you enter the downtown core. If built it will be stunning. and change the way Burlington is seen as a city.

Available suites range from 500 to more than 1,600 sq. ft., with layouts that will appeal to everyone from young buyers looking for their first home, to mature adults seeking to downsize, but who still want space for entertaining family and friends. Carriage Gate continues to be an integral part of downtown Burlington’s exciting evolution, with a number of projects in the planning stages.

Specializing in the construction of high-quality homes, modern condominiums, commercial developments and urban high rise communities, we embrace the future, appreciate the past and celebrate the dedication that has brought us to this point, where we can ensure our commitment of being “Home to New Living.”

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7 comments to A developer’s view on the housing industry in Burlington

  • Alfred

    Marcus. The population of the the USA. has risen by 250 million since the year 1900. Why is investing in real estate and buying a home to live in, a bad idea. Are you suggesting the re-sale homes are selling for much less than the new ones. Carriage Gate does not dictate the market for housing. The law of supply and demand does. Burlington has a low supply of housing and a high demand from people who want to purchase. Explain that to your Mayor and some of the councilors. Some of them got elected promising to slow development down. Only 51 single family homes built city wide last year. You do understand we have a big supply problem. As well as a very large nimby problem.

    Blair. This developer is welcome in all the other Cities he has projects in. Read the comments here. He is referred to as “arrogant, careless greed, single minded, lack of concern, self absorbed.” From people who don’t even know him. The development game is played with very simple rules. When the City of Burlington including the residence don’t agree with the developers proposal. An impartial tribunal will decide who comes closest to the Provincial guidelines that are to be followed by all involved. If the tribunal rules in favour of the developer. It will be deemed as a corrupt process by our nimby’s. Given the anti-development sentiment in this City. The Developers should simply side step the City and go directly to the LPAT. tribunal. Win or lose.

  • Marcus

    “With interest rates remaining relatively low, and a strong influx of immigration, the economy will remain strong.” …and here’s the truth, straight from the horse’s mouth. Worldwide mass-immigration is ARTIFICIALLY INFLATING our residential real estate (for our families’ homes!), coupled with unrealistically low interest rates. Our federal governments—past & present—are ruining this country and not protecting us from the careless greed of high-rise developers.

  • Blair Smith

    I would like to observe that I have seen Mr. Carnicelli at many of the Council meetings where issues affecting his development business and/or projects were either discussed or up for vote and adoption. He is always in the background, most often at the back wall watching his employees and associates, Mr. Bales and/or Mr. Wellings, ably carry forth his interests. It would be most appreciated if such a major figure in the future of Burlington’s landscape came forth personally and provided an opportunity to engage. Canned articles in a trade magazine fall very short of an acceptable mark. Of course, just my opinion.

  • Stephen White

    The following excerpt is an interesting glimpse into the mindset of developers:

    “We must work together with our municipal partners to create “whole” communities with a full complement of services and amenities to improve the quality of life, not only for the existing residents but for future generations.”

    No thought or regard for heritage or the perspective of local residents. The focus is all future oriented, and all focused and geared towards maximum profit regardless of the negative consequences or externalities posed by their developments and intensification (i.e. strain on infrastructure, congestion, destroying the character of local neighbourhoods, etc.)

    One really has to admire the gaul of people like Carnicelli. In business, this kind of single-minded focus with lack of concern for others, or the impact of one’s behaviour, would be described as “self-absorbed”. A better adjective is probably “condescending” or “arrogant beyond belief”.

  • Josie

    I absolutely agree with Mike Ettlewood on this one!

  • Mike Ettlewood

    I wonder what the value is in publishing what amounts to an industry advertisement. Just publish the link to “Condo Life” – we can read the hype, hyperbole and ??? for ourselves.

  • Penny Hersh

    Is this how our current council slowed down development with the ICBL? The artist rendition on Old Lakeshore Road is an area that was not included in the ICBL Study.

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