Analytics, silver plate and the Nixon tapes - is there a connection? When you're cooped up and have had enough of Netflix you get creative.

background graphic greenBy Pepper Parr

May 4th, 2020



When I look at the analytics for the Burlington Gazette some amazing information bubbles to the surface.

We have about 20 – maybe 25 people who each day who read news stories that are three, four, sometimes five years old.

I am constantly amazed when I get a note asking me to follow up on a story that someone read that we had published a number of years ago.

We are working on a really neat story about on a full place setting of sterling silver dinner ware that is  in close to mint condition.

We are looking for a way to have a presentation case made and then create an occasion when they can be used.

I was reading a book review on Henry Kissinger and wondered what it would be like to listen to the Nixon tapes – the ones that brought down the Richard Nixon presidency.

The tapes are public and are in the Nixon Library.  Just Google Nix tapes

If you’re looking for something really interesting to do – you will never get another chance to hear those tapes – when the COVID19 disease has been beaten we will all go back to earning money and dealing with a different world.

In one of the tapes Nixon tells one of his staff that “we have to slip some money to Illinois on the sly” and then later says we will do that and then later “screw him”.

Jody-Wilson-RaybouldThis is the way the big boys play the game – now let your mind go to the problem Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had with then Minister of Justice Jodie Wilson Raybould and the SNC Lavalin business.

This is what politicians do on a day to day basis – at every level. Think local.

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