Apple users get sent a confusing message - if they answered it may have cost them.

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March 21, 2016


The Regional Police, the RCMP and the banks are doing their best to get the word out to people about Identity Theft and the bank scams that take place every day.

Most recently in this part of the world we read about a senior citizen who is out $8900 – someone tricked him into thinking he was helping the police – when he should have been calling the police.

During a month that police cautioned the public on several occasions about email scams someone somewhere sends out emails to people they have identified as Apple users.
Here is the first mail

AA First apple email

The moment you click on the Continue and review line – you are in the process of telling crooks more about you than you want them to know. It does read like a reasonable request – in our case we aren’t Apple users so we recognized what the email was really about.

Within hours there was a follow up email – from the same address.

Here is he second email.

AA Second Apple email

This email amuses there was a transaction – and for the millions that do transactions with Apple – this would seem like a reasonable request. How many people got caught with this one?

These people never give up – it costs them next to nothing to send out tens of millions of each email – all they have to do is snare one person and they pull – wellone local resisdent lost $8900.

If you are in doubt – call the police or talk to your bank.  THEY are on your side.


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