Brant Street and Lakeshore Road will be closed for short periods of time.

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October 28th, 2019



We knew this was coming – that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.

The intersection of Lakeshore Road and Brant Street is going to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast for the next couple of days.

The time frame is: October. 28th, today through to November 1, and then from the 4th to the 8th, 2019
Weather will determine just how long the roads will be closed

Brant Street will be fully closed at Lakeshore Road. There will be a road closure sign at Elgin Street and Pine Street with local access to businesses and residential buildings.

Lakeshore Road at Brant Street – Nov. 4 – 8

Lakeshore Road at Brant Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

This work is highly weather dependent, so dates will be changed if needed.

Full emergency access will be provided.

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5 comments to Brant Street and Lakeshore Road will be closed for short periods of time.

  • david barker

    David, I too thought Lakeshore being Hwy 2 would come under Provincial control and so would be a problem to close off. As it turns out, as Councilor Stolte told me, it is no longer a Provincial road and is under the City’s control. So it is within the City’s authority to close it off.

    The timing is right for a more radical approach and solution to the future shape of the waterfront/downtown. Whatever happens with the very tall building applications in the pipeline, high rises are coming, whether eleven storeys or twenty six. Maybe, just maybe, one or more of the developers can be persuaded to join with the city in creating a pedestrian only downtown. Maybe that is a pipedream ?

    The City is establishing an advisory committee with substantial resident representation to assist the City in determining how it would like the remainder of the waterfront/downtown area to be developed. Councilor Kerns is spearheading the committee. Maybe you would like to volunteer to serve on the committee?

  • David

    I wholeheartedly agree, love it whenever Brant St is closed, a totally different experience; not sure you can close Lakeshore Rd though, as this is Hwy-2.
    But larger permanent patio areas, maybe Elgin to Lakeshore glass covered as in an arcade for winter use. I wouldn’t mind my tax dollars going to something I would get some joy out of for a change.

  • david barker

    Anne & Dave. That’s great. At meeting of the council where the developer of one of the proposed high rise on the “Football” lands was making a presentation, as a delagate I suggested the idea of pedestrianising an area from Lakeshore Rd in the south to Caroline in the north, and Pearl St in the east to Locust in the west. Obviously a less ambitious area of Elizabeth in the east and James in the north and still Locust and Lakeshore might be a better starting point. That would allow people to enjoy the downtown and walk across to Spencer Smith Park without doing battle with traffic. It would force transient commuter traffic off Lakeshore and New Streets back to the Highway which is under Provincial jurisdiction. So the Province would likely be forced to deal with the increased highway traffic issue. Residents and businesses would have to have vehicular access. The City could provide free shuttle bus service on a loop connecting the two malls, the go stations and downtown. So visitors could park at the malls and stations. So many major European cities now have large pedestrian areas. Councilor Stolte is a big supporter of a pedestrianised downtown. We just need to get a public conversation going.

  • David Barker as we enjoyed our Picadilly Cafe lunch sat in the glorious sunshine this week we we discussed this exact same fantasy from Caroline to Lakeshore. Anne and Dave Marsden

  • david barker

    Use this time when Brant St is closed to see what the downtown could be like if it was to be permanently pedestrianised. How great it would be to be able to amble from store to store or to restaurant.

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