Burlington is # 1 again in a popularity ranking - Maclean's loves us.

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August 8th, 2019



Is this another Money magazine type list where cities are ranked under a number of categories as the best of something?

When Burlington was named the Best mid-sized city in the Country city hall and the economic development people went bananas and told anyone who had ears how great we were.

The Money magazine ranking went to Oakville and Burlington dropped that claim to fame. It will be interesting to see how the city takes to this latest ranking.

Macleans cover dataMaclean’s Magazine has ranked Burlington as the Number One for Best Community in Canada 2019

Grabbing the number one spot in the Top 25, Burlington receives high scores for its excellent quality of life, prosperous economy and envious location. Burlington is not only the best community, but was also ranked as the Best Place to Raise a Family by Maclean’s.

Macleans data

Drilling down into the details.

“Those of us who live in Burlington have always known our city is the best in Canada, the best in the world” said Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward. “Our ‘secret sauce’ is a unique blend of community assets, natural environment, and great citizens. We have outstanding community centres, rinks, pools, museums, parks and festivals; we’re book-ended by natural environment, from our downtown waterfront park and sand beach to the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, and by great people who look out for each other and give back to our community.” The Mayor continued “Burlington has it all: big city assets, the Greenbelt on our doorstep, and small-town friendliness.

”It’s why my husband and I chose to move here in 2000 and raise our three kids here. Our Council will continue to work with our community to make sure Burlington stays the great place it is to live, work, play, grow up, raise a family, and retire.”

Macleans ranking

Top 14 – and where the strength are.

Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) celebrates this news. Burlington is home to several global top employers including, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cogeco Connexion and EcoSynthetix. “Burlington is home to a number of high growth companies that know our fantastic quality of life attracts the best talent. Receiving this acknowledgement clearly emphasizes the incredible work-life balance in Burlington” said BEDC Acting Executive Director, Anita Cassidy. “Our location makes us an ideal location for companies to attract and retain the high-quality talent they need to grow their business.”

Burlington ranks just above Grimsby at number two and Ottawa at number three, with the methodology comparing 415 communities in Canada by a number of factors including, wealth and economy, commute, crime, amenities and culture. The City of Burlington is proud to be recognized by Maclean’s as the number one best community in Canada. This achievement comes weeks after BEDC receives national recognition for their Foreign Direct Investment Strategy by American Cities of the Future and further solidifies Burlington as a destination of choice for both talent and business.

Residents of the city elected a new council to stop the gutting of the quiet, residential-friendly downtown where just about everything walkable is being replaced by condominiums that exceed 20 stories.

Adi on NAutique at AGBThe ward 2 Councillor announced a public meeting where details on a structure that will see shovels in the ground will be released. Many saw that development as the beginning of the end of the pleasant downtown they know.

The announcement that appears to have come from both the city and the developer with the ward Councillor serving as the Master of Ceremonies sound like a celebration.

The Mayor likes the Maclean’s ranking – the developers will milk it for all it is worth.

Whistle graveyardIs this the tipping point for Burlington – where frothy rankings replace solid policy with teeth that can bite?  Is there still an opportunity to save enough of what Burlington has been while 20+ floor buildings rise out of the ground?

All the details you are ever going to want on this latest municipal ranking.

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2 comments to Burlington is # 1 again in a popularity ranking – Maclean’s loves us.

  • Gary Scobie

    Yes, it is nice to be rated number 1, but with that rating comes responsibilities. We need to preserve the things that make Burlington the fine place it is to live, work and play. The neighbourhoods, the employers, the amenities, the parks and the cultural benefits along with the protection of the public waterfront and the rural lands.

    Most obvious is the protection of the downtown, the entre point of what defines a city or town. We are at a crossroad. We will soon have 20 plus storey buildings built and occupied at our downtown lake neighbourhood. Likewise we will have 20 plus storey twin towers across from our City Hall. That is a given. Will they detract from our downtown? I think their domination through height and bulk will indeed do so.

    There are plans to add many more 20 plus storey buildings near them, creating a mini Manhattan skyline. These buildings remove all connection to the street when the height exceeds midrise. They defeat the human scale of architecture that allows people on the street to feel at home and comfortable when walking their downtown. The Mayor and Council seem intent on stopping the further proliferation of high rises in the downtown, and it is true that we do not need them to reach and exceed our Urban Growth target.

    That is the task ahead for Council and for citizens – to encourage reasonable growth downtown that aids rather than hurts this critical part of our City. Ask yourself – what can I do to ensure this works out for the citizens? How can I help to support a reasonable plan? If in doubt, call your Councillor.

    As ECoB has always said – Height is not a solution.

  • Penny Hersh

    When politicians start to believe this type of press it does not bode well for the residents. It might be surprising to many families to hear that the median income is over $100,000.00. If the average cost of primary real estate is close to $900,000.00, I would like to know the size of the home or condo unit it applies to and where they would be located? I would also like to see where, and how many 2 bedroom rental units go for $1,400.00 a month? Does this include all utilities?

    So many questions, so few answers.

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