Burlington residential is a sellers market.

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November 8th, 2019



The average price of a freehold property in Burlington in October was $938,897, up 5.5% as compared to October 2018.

Sales were up slightly, but the bigger news was the low inventory levels, which were down 25% from last year at the end of October.

Year to date, the average price was $884,125, up 4.1% over last year, and sales were up 4.5%. Properties sold for just over 98% of the asking price on average in October, however almost 30% of them went for the asking price or more.

Burlington clearly can be described as a sellers market and if inventory levels remain this low, prices will inevitably be pushed upwards.

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  • Hans Jacobs

    These data would be more useful if they showed sizes/prices/price per square foot/number of bedrooms separately for condominium apartments, townhouses, and houses.

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