Candidate who lost his bid to sit in the provincial Legislature wants to lead the Liberal Party.

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May 24th, 2019



Tedjo talking

Alvin Tedjo

Alvin Tedjo, the Liberal candidate in the provincial election for the Oakville North Burlington seat has announced that he will be running for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal party.

That organization is starting its re-build after the disastrous loss in the June election.

As the only non-former-government candidate in the race, Alvin will bring a fresh voice to the leadership contest. He’s also submitted a constitutional amendment ahead of the OLP AGM. Alvin will be discussing his vision for the party and how that relates to a vision for Ontario at the event on Sunday.


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2 comments to Candidate who lost his bid to sit in the provincial Legislature wants to lead the Liberal Party.

  • Stephen White

    I’ll say one thing for Mr. Tedjo: he’s got brass. However, it speaks to both the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Ontario Liberal Party, as well as the dearth of qualified candidates, that a political neophyte who has never held public office thinks he can run and win the leadership.

    Given the unholy mess that Doug Ford is currently making of this province, and the fact that most Ontarians neither trust nor believe a thing the NDP thinks, says or does, one would hope that someone in the federal Liberal caucus would be making the jump to the provincial leadership. In a public opinion poll yesterday it was almost an equal three way split in voting preferences between the three major political parties with a leaderless, rudderless and moribund Ontario Liberal Party in the lead. Hardly cause for optimism.

    When disgruntled voters start taking a hard look at the Green Party as a viable alternative you know the times are ripe for a substantive re-alignment of the political landscape.

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