City budget for 2018 - what might we be looking at?

By Pepper Parr September 20, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   While the city beavers away at getting all the public participation for the Mobility Hubs done […]

Brown calls for an inquiry into the state of city transit service.

Bus station 1

By Staff September 13th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   The chair of Burlington for Accessible. Sustainable Transit (BFAST) says he wants an independent inquiry into the […]

Council passes a bylaw - Taxes due on June 21 and September 21

Burlington flags

By Staff May 16, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Yesterday City Council approved the 2017 Tax Levy Bylaw that allows the Finance department to end you […]

The politicians romance transit users - now to get them to put some real money into the service. Prospects don't look all that good at the city council level.

Transit - unhappy customer

By Pepper Parr April 3, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   It was the third annual Burlington for fast meeting – the audience was much the same, […]

What we paid our city council members in 2016

City hall - older pic

By Pepper Parr February 28th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Why does what we pay our politicians of so much interest to people? We don’t spend […]

Regional government boast a triple a - Aaa - credit rating. Gets points for fiscal responsibility. Transparency and accountability are another matter.

Regional crest

By Staff February 16th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Quite why the Regional government would assign one of their communications advisors the task of preparing a […]

A fascinating exchange of opinions and views on the way we are taxed. Sharman and Muir go at it.

City Hall - high frontal view

The exchange of opinions between an informed citizen and an elected member of city council can at times be fascinating. This is the kind of […]

What your council members think of the $238 million dollar operating budget they passed last night.

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr January 24th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   For Ward 2 city Councillor Marianne Meed Ward it was a good budget – bad budget. […]

Technology fails city council once again - program that records the votes wasn't working - it never has worked. What did it cost?

Council vote Dec 18-14 Water Street

By Staff January 23, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON The budget of $238 million for 2017 was approved Monday night – on a vote of 5-2 with […]

Ward 5 Councillor tells city resident he is still trying to figure out the 4.56% planned tax increase.

City hall - older pic

By Pepper Parr January 23, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Sometime this evening, before 10:00 pm, city council will decide in a formal manner what the […]

Get married at city hall - and be forced to make a right hand turn on Lakeshore - two goodies for you from your city council

Flood Goldring with chain of office

By Staff January 20th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Some of the budget goodies that you get for your tax dollars. You will be able to […]

Brant Museum closed - has been closed for well over a month. No one at city hall knew.

Burlington Museums will be doing a themed newspaper on the War of 1812 for distribution in the community. Brant's son John will play a prominent part in the festivities this year.

By Pepper Parr January 19th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   It came as a surprise to the city. An inquiry from a reporter, it wasn’t us, […]

Budget approved - taxes will increase by 4.42%

Newsflash oblong

By Pepper Parr January 19th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   City council passed a budget that reflects an increase over last year of 4.42% The budget […]

Does this city council have the political will to reign in the spending. Operational budget to be debated on Thursday.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr January 19th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   City council will be meeting as a Committee of the While (COW) today to go through […]

Looking like a 4.23% tax increase for 2017 - 2018 might touch 5% - and that hospital levy is here forever.

By Pepper Parr January 17th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   While city council works through the operational budget for 2017 – they will be doing the […]

Jim Young is going to give it another go at council on Monday - he wants the city to properly fund transit.

Xcelsior BUS 009 FRONT VIEW

By Staff January 15th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   Sometime Monday forenoon Jim Young will take to the podium at city hall and brief members of […]

First piece of a pathway-bikeway that will link the west side of the city to the Centennial Trail on the east.


By Pepper Parr November 22th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   It’s a quirky little project that will look really nice when completed and serve to let […]

City finance department will present what they are up against when determining the next tax hike. Will the seven people who have been elected to office twice manage to get even close to a 2% increase?

City hall - older pic

By Pepper Parr November 14th, 2106 BURLINGTON, ON The Gazette will be publishing a series of articles leading up to the first of the city […]

City looks for feedback from its citizen panel on where budget cuts can be made. They are going in the right direction.


By Pepper Parr September 13, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   The finance department has crafted a budget and the bureaucrats are hoping it is passed and […]

Council will begin to figure out how much of your money they want - not much you can do about it.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr September 8, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON City council will return to meeting in the council camber – and in the very near future […]

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