Gearing up for the 2017 budget - city hall wants to hear what you think.


By Pepper Parr July 27th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON Well – they know how to put a damper on a vacation – don’t they? The city […]

The proposed 2016/17 budget is likely to get a bumpy ride at city hall when it gets debated.

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr July 26th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Canadians find it rude to talk about money – and those with a lot of it […]

Transit advocate puts his plan for free bus service during off peak hours back in front of council - they don't nibble.

If there was ever a place to locate a transit terminal - that would be John Street where the only terminal in the city is now located.  Transit department is recommending it be removed and tickets sold at city hall.  Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward isn't buying that business case

By Staff July 14th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON Jim Young, a 34-year resident of Burlington is an active member of Burlington Seniors Advisory Committee; he represent […]

Investing in our communities: can city hall develop community with cash contributions or do people naturally come together? City is going to try the money route.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr March 31, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON How do you build community? Doesn’t it just happen naturally? Apparently not – the city has adopted […]

Canada’s 2016 Budget - A Road Map for the Future ?

By Ray Rivers March 25, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON If you want to make money, you have to spend money. And that pretty well sums up […]

Economic Development supports the strategic plan - warn the city that they now have to effectively execute the plan.

Concrete pour tower c

By Pepper Parr March 22nd, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON The Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) created a 10 year Economic Vision that is a foundational part […]

Putting the Mayor’s State of the City in context.

City's biggest advocates for more bike use gather at the announce for the Car Free Sunday Burlington has planned.  All three will be on hand for the Bike to Work event that is taking place all across the Region and in many parts of the GTA..  The guy on the far right is Sound of Music honcho Dave Miller.

By Pepper Parr January 29th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON He is getting better as a speaker; one of his council colleagues suggested he was getting some […]

The budget debates settled on an increase higher than the accepted rate of inflation - some significant problems on how to manage the costs have become evident.

Burlington City Council Group

By Pepper Parr January 27th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON Is it a good budget? There are few taxpayers who are happy about the rate of increase […]

That budget - Councillors Sharman and Dennison make comments.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr January 27th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON. The meeting started with a close to mammoth photo op – players from the Barracudas and the […]

Mayor interrupts delegation - says he was straying from the topic under discussion. So much for encouraging people to take part in the civic process.

Vince Fitorio

By Pepper Parr January 26th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON It was his first serious delegation, one at which he had a concern he wanted to put […]

Residential tax rate will be $17.10 per $100,000 of home assessment value.

Newsflash oblong

By Staff January 25th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON The residential tax rate for 2016 is going to be $17.10 per $100,000 of home assessment value. City […]

Can the Mayor and the two Councillors who voted for the Free Monday transit for seniors find a fourth vote to make the basically no cost pilot take place?

By Pepper Parr January 22, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON It’s called being between a rock and a hard place, The rules will ‘get ya’ every time. […]

Aldershot citizen speaks in favour of free transit on Monday. for seniors - council vote no.


By Jim Young January 21st, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON I am speaking as a private citizen in support of Burlington Seniors Advisory Committee’s effort to reduce […]

Council nixes the idea of a pilot project that would let seniors ride free on Monday's They approved $16,000 for their Car Free Sunday event.

By Pepper Parr January 21st, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON Robert Lovell doesn’t understand. Robert Lovell He was interviewed for the job he has as a member […]

Council whittles the tax increase down a bit - Performing Arts Centre gets what it wanted - Seniors lost out on transit.

Newsflash oblong

By Pepper Parr January 21st, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON What started out as a 3.85% increase in the tax rate for 2016 got whittled down to […]

Performing Arts Centre wants to add new staff to their base budget - council will debate that ask today.

By Pepper Parr January 20th, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON It was a different day for Rick Burgess who stood before the Community and Corporate Affairs Standing […]

Tireless advocate for transit disappointed with what has been budgeted for bus service - but he does see some hope.

Bfast meeting March 28-15

By Pepper Parr January 20, 2106 BURLINGTON, ON Every chance Doug Brown gets to talk about transit – he shows up. Brown is part of […]

Seniors push for free transit on Monday's - chances of this making it to the final budget look good. Oakville has had such a service since 2012.

Bus station 1

By Pepper Parr January 19th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON It was delegation time, the occasion when different community groups get their ten minutes to wrangle with […]

At the current and forecasted tax rate citizen sees taxes doubling in 20 years - he doesn't expect his pension income to double over that period of time.

Muir making a point

TO: Burlington Community and Corporate Standing Committee FROM: Tom Muir Subject: City Budget 2016   Tom Muir wasn’t able to get to the Standing committee […]

City spent $4.75 million less than they planned in 2015 - no - they aren't going to give any of it back to you.

City Hall clock

By Pepper Parr JANUARY 19th, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The report to council set out how the treasurer thought the surplus from the 2015 budget should […]

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