If something that is clearly incorrect is repeated often enough - does that make it true?


By Pepper Parr January 19th 2016 BURLINGTON, ON The budget city council is debating this week and will make law next week adheres to the […]

Council to debate the operating portion of the budget - looks like a hike of 3.85% over last year.

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By Pepper Parr January 19, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON The report going to the Community and Corporate Services Committee asks city council to approve the 2016 […]

Advocacy group maintains the city budget shortchanges transit users - less is being spent on transit this year than last.

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By Staff January 13th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON City Council will meet next week for two days to thrash out the 2016 budget which, at this […]

2015 in review - July, August and September - some significant appointments made.


By Staff December 29, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The year in review – July, August and September – how did the city do? July 2015 Union […]

Performinmg Arts Centre budget request creeping closer to $1 million - Economic impact study claims they add $7.8 million to the local economy.


By Pepper Parr December 2, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON Part of the budget process Burlington uses is the presenting of business cases for new spending. The […]

Preparing for a storm water tax - there is nothing simple about this one.

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By Pepper Parr November 24th, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON When a new tax is created more than one department at city hall gets involved. The Finance […]

What does a possible 3.85% tax increase look like in graphic form? What does our tax hit look like when compared with others?

By Pepper Parr November 20, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON What do we know about ourselves as taxpayers – and how do we compare with other jurisdictions […]

Tax increase for next year 3.85% in the budget overview - Oakville came in at 2.45%

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By Staff November 17, 2105 BURLINGTON, ON Look for a tax increase of about 3.85% – Mayor Goldring suggested they might try and get it […]

City and two of its unions reach a tentative agreement

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By Staff June 29, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The city and two of its unions have reached a tentative agreement which will, if ratified by the […]

City's piggy bank is pretty full - nice fat reserves keep the Councillors happy - happy enough to reduce taxes?

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By Pepper Parr June 22, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON At March 31, 2015 the total balances of all the reserve funds amounted to $146.0 million, which […]

Board of education does a quickie and approves spending for both capital ($62.6 million) and operating ($685.7) spending in minutes - also says it will be going along with the new sex ed curriculum .

By Walter Byj June 9, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON There were not many items on the June 3rd agenda, but two of them had the potential […]

Meed Ward convinces developes to meet with the community and talk about what they want to do with their downtown property holdings.

By Pepper Parr May 7, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward has always believed that citizens should be engaged much earlier in […]

Regional chair takes his A team to Queen's Park to state the Halton case and squeeze some dollars from the province to pay for the growth they expect.

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By Pepper Parr February 25, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON If you ever wanted to know how networking is done effectively – read on. Regional Chair Gary […]

Tax rate for residential in 2015 set at 3.64% more than 2014. Long term view has a lot of road repair work to be done.

By Pepper Parr February 24, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The budget was done – out came the rubber stamp – but they didn’t use it. There […]

There is a serious transit service problem - and this council has yet to come up with a solution.

If there was ever a place to locate a transit terminal - that would be John Street where the only terminal in the city is now located.  Transit department is recommending it be removed and tickets sold at city hall.  Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward isn't buying that business case

By Staff February 23, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON Members of Council ask questions of city staff. Both the questions and the answers are set out in […]

Council committee "miraculously" approves a budget in 3.5 hrs - now it goes to council for the rubber stamp

Citizens gathering in a public session to review a proposed city budget with Council members on hand to answer questions and staff on hanbd to delve into the details.  They weren't doing that in Syria last Thursday night.

By Pepper Parr February 23, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The creation of a municipal budget is complex – the work begins almost as soon as the […]

Council to set budget for 2015; some feisty delegations expected: Henshell, Muir and Marsden have asked to speak.

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By Pepper Parr February 22, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON Your city council will meet Monday evening to cast the 2015 budget in stone. There will be […]

City squeezes out a surplus of just over a quarter of a million- Mayor says finalizing a budget in less than three hours

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By Pepper Parr February 20, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON In the commercial world the word they look for is profit – did we make a profit? […]

Council committee adds $125,000 to 2015 budget - tax rate expected to be $19.10 for each $100,000 of assesment,

By Staff February 17, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON How much do they want to spend and how much are they going to tax you? The city […]

Art Gallery passes GO with $140,000 in hand; is there some property to be sold on the Tax Stabilization fund Monopoly Board?

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By Pepper Parr February 10, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON The city’s Tax Stabilization fund got clipped for $140,000 this morning. The Tax Stabilization find is the […]

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