Ten minutes each to tell city council what you think of their budget.

Council while VW speaks Aprol 7-14

By Staff February 9, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON If you want your ten minutes of fame before city council slip over to the city web site […]

They are going to spend millions - get your two cents worth in.

Burlington flags

By Staff February 7, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON If you want your ten minutes of fame before city council slip over to the city web site […]

City launches its new approach to the creation of a budget - public misses the opportunity to ask questions.

Budget 2015 Services at the centre of it all

By Pepper Parr February 3, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON It wasn’t the best show in town and it certainly wasn’t the only show in town but […]

Pathetic turnout for public meeting on the budget - wasn't the weather - rink next door drew the hockey parents.

Budget public meeting - empty hall

By Pepper Parr January 30th, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON. Was it the weather? Maybe people didn’t know about the meeting? Maybe they don’t care? Ten minutes […]

Public gets to hear what the city wants to set the tax rate at - thinking upwards of 3.5% more than last year.


By Pepper Parr January 28, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON It is that time of year again – when the city sets out what they want to […]

Wither city hall: Is there a new one in the cards; part of a real vision perhaps?

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr January 19, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON. The city did another photo opportunity last week. Opened in 1965, expanded later the structure no longer […]

How will the Mayor lead his Council after they trashed his board and committee appointment recommedations?

Mayor and chair

By Pepper Parr January 8, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON City council will meet for the first time this year on Monday morning of next week to […]

Budget for 2015 includes a Shoreacres character study for $60,000. Is there value for money here?

Shoreacres creek - prefab bridge

By Pepper Parr January 4, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON. They are called Character Area studies; exercises where planners and residents meet to talk about what kind […]

First look at the 2015 budget: Proposing 3.55% increase for 2015

Newsflash oblong

By Pepper Parr December 23, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   The city released the draft version of the operating budget for 2015 – it amounts to […]

Council members will be looking for time to go over the first cut of the 2015 budget during the holidays.

Vanessa Williams + Woodruff Budget meet

By Pepper Parr December 15, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   There will be some heavy reading for the newly elected Council. Director of Finance Joan Ford […]

Regional government is setting up its Civic reference panel - looking for public input on future direction.

Regional aerial

By Pepper Parr December 9, 2104 BURLINGTON, ON   Marketing organizations and local governments want to know what you think. In the case of the […]

What do you want to pay for with your taxes? City hall wants to know.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr December 9, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is asking Burlington’s property owners, business owners and renters to complete an […]

What will council set out to do during its next term of office? How soon will the public learn just how much the August flood is going to cost? Will it take a tax increase to get anything done?


By Pepper Parr November 18, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   We did elect them – well 34. 14 % of us did. In twelve days the […]

Council report suggests a 4% a year tax increase every year for the next term. Given some of the revenue shortfalls – that could be a wish.

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr July 28, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. Once City council had lopped close to $400,000 off the payroll with the retirement of Kim […]

106 city hall staff members on the provincial sunshine list – earning more than $100,000 annually.

Burlington flags

By Staff March 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. Each year the province requires municipalities to publish a list of all those who earn more than $100,00 […]

If the grass you cut was really hay – would you get a lower tax rate? Developers take hay off vacant land and pay 1/5th the tax you pay.

This isn't exactly yhe middle of a farm field is it.  Land that could be taxed as commercial gets a farmland tax rate even if it is in the middle of town - all you have to dop is cut rhwe hay and bale it.

By Pepper Parr March 12, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. During the time of Jesus in first century Israel, there were tax collectors who could walk […]

John Street terminal to stay for now; bigger issue got put on the table: Where is Burlington going with public transit – council doesn’t know.

There was a time when a much larger bus termial existed 25 yards to the left of this small terminal onm John Street - it was where people met.  There were fewer cars, Burlington didn't have the wealth then that it has now.  We were a smaller city, as much rural as suburban.  The times have changed and transit now needs to change as well.

By Pepper Parr March 5, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. The John Street transit terminal will remain in place – for now. On a vote of […]

Council keeps taxes for this term of office just over their 10% projection – comes in at 10.13 over four years.

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr March 5, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. What started out as an ask of $134,513,000 as a total tax levy, which called for […]

Guess whose name is coming off the Christmas card list? Meed Ward wants staff parking treated as a taxable benefit.

Aerial from west over SSP

By Pepper Parr March 3, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. She is serious. Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward is moving with some dispatch on her […]

Full time heritage planner first step to a Conservation Heritage District designation for Mt Nemo plateau

Burlington Escartment 006

By Pepper Parr February 22, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. There will be a heritage planner – a full time heritage planner but getting the position […]

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