Police seize drugs valued at $100,000 on the street at a Bellview home – and a list of people who owe the drug dealers money.

Drug bust over 100-000

By Pepper Parr It was a busy Friday for the Halton Police when they took down a location with drugs valued at more than […]

Tractor trailers are going to get a real close look by Halton police who will be cruising the QEW looking for violations.

Truck inspection

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON April 19, 2013. The big rigs are going to get a big look at by the Halton Regional Police Service […]

The hard part of community policing – reporting on a pedophile released back into the community. There is more the chief of police can do.

COSA Circle of support

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON April 17, 2013. The media release was blunt, direct and very much to the point. Anthony Burke, a convicted […]

Parent wants city to look into what can be done about better safety along rail lines; four killed so far this year.

Rail crossing GO train approaching

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON April 16, 2013. For Denise Davy it is personal. She got to the point where she felt something […]

Two Burlington men face charges after a sharp-eyed citizen took notice of suspicious behaviour.

Burlington police station

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. April 16, 2013. A citizen out for a walk on Headon Forest Drive noticed two males entering driveways along the […]

Another early morning home entry – Oak Grove this time. Sooner or later someone is going to be hurt. Is it time for increased police patrols?

HRPS car

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. April 16, 2013. An Oak Grove residence was entered on April 16, 2013 at 1:45 a.m. A young […]

If you’re a tweep – the Chief wants to talk to you – if you’re a creep – he can arrange to have you arrested.

HRPS crest

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON April 15, 2013 The people who count these things say that 66% if Canadians actively use social networking sites […]

That evasive action training police officers get came in handy; avoids accident and snags a driver with more than 80 mgs

HRPS car

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. April 11, 2013 Just a little after midnight on Wednesday April 10, 2013 a Halton officer was driving a police cruiser […]

Middle of the day on a major street – thief walks in saying: “I thought the house was for sale” and walks out with cash.


By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. April 8th, 2013 On a bright day, middle of the day, a Burlington couple were doing gardening work in the front […]

Toronto resident makes Region his place of employment; breaks into more than ten business operations. No bail for this one.

Thief - gift cards

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. April 5, 2013 OK – so we are the best mid-size city in the country to live in – but this […]

Drug Warrant executed in Burlington; not a good Friday for these people.


By Staff BURLINGTON, ON March 29th, 2013 The Burlington Strategic Support Team executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrant at a residence located […]

The coppers are going to turn the lights out – then what? Earth Hour will be recognized but only in Non-Essential Services.


By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. March 22, 2013 From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23, 2013 the Halton Regional Police Service will join Halton […]

Solid fundamental police work and a police dog with a good nose finds thieves before police fully aware the bank had been broken into.

Fairview TD cash - close up

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 20, 2013 They were less than ten minutes from getting away with at least $300,00 in cash along with […]

Daytime home entry in Alton creates chatter and a reminder from the police to be vigilant.

HRPS crest

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. March 14th, 2013 There was chatter starting around 1:30 that there had been a daytime robbery at a home in […]

Were there bullets flying around on Cavendish: Police investigating robbery attempt involving what is thought to be a gun.

HRPS car

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. March 11, 2013. It was just before 3:00 am on the first day of Spring Break. Three youths, one male and […]

This one has been some time coming but the police got them; they usually do.

ATM theft cartoon

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. March 7, 2013 The police have been investigating a group of thieves that focus on ATM machines – they know […]

Computer fraud is rampant – people will call you and offer to fix a problem with your computer – they are after your money.

HRPS crest

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. March 5, 2013 There isn’t one of us that doesn’t find at some time that their computer isn’t doing what […]

Crook scams 88 year old woman for $4,400 – could police develop strategies with the banks to help prevent this type?

HRPS crest

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. March 4, 2013 It didn’t happen in Burlington, but it could have easily happened in this city. This incidence happened […]

Two days after Family Day a Mother and son team arrested following a break-in to a Cavendish Drive home.

Mother and son

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON February 28, 2013 During the middle of last week, before the noon hour a break and enter occurred to a home […]

Does ones name matter when the police are investigating a traffic matter that results in the death of an 89 year old pedestrian?

HRPS crest

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. February 23, 2013. The work police have to do can at times get a little sticky. People don’t like their […]