High school students get to see what happens when driving while under the influence of alcohol. Wasn’t pretty.

Nelson High sign

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, on December 7, 2011 – Nelson High School students – all 1500 of them were in the hands of the Halton […]

Police record third traffic fatality in the Region for 2011

HRPS car

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2011 Burlington recorded its third traffic fatality for 2011 when Henry John Grasso of Brantford, Ontario was pronounced dead […]

You need to be careful about what you do in the back of that cab. Surveillance Footage is part of the fare.

taxi video

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 28, 2011 – Three youths got a bit of a surprise when they learned their pictures may have been on […]

Halton police busy investigating the drug business in the community. It isn’t pretty.

police in cruiser

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 27, 2011 The Halton Regional Police Drug and Morality Unit initiated an investigation into the trafficking of cannabis marihuana and […]

Major sports events creates need for better TV screen. Break in at Burlington commercial building.

HRPS crest

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 24, 2011 – Thieves forced the door at a South Service Road location last weekend and then broke into a […]

Halton Regional Police Service Launch Holiday R.I.D.E. Campaign. They’ll getcha.

Drunk driver signagge on road

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 22, 2011 – The Halton Regional Police Service have started their holiday R.I.D.E. campaign – and have once again […]

Openings still available for those interested in community police support training.

HRPS car

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 21, 2011 – Are you interested in learning more about the Forensic Identification Unit, the Tactical and Rescue Unit, or […]

Plains Road hair and nail salons experiencing a break in streak – bad hair day perhaps?

Bad hair day

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 11, 2011 Between August 29th and September 10th, five nail and hair salons on Plains Rd, in the area of […]

Armed robbery at popular restaurant and break in at LCBO store – crime getting serious.

LCBO store inside

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 3, 2011 Halton Police are really interested in talking to the three suspects that broke into a Liquor Control Board […]

Getting tough to be a thief in Burlington. Police snatch two in serial thefts at Burlington Wal-Mart locations.

Wal-Mart thieves

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. October 31, 2011 Loss Prevention Staff pounced on two thieves at the Wal-Mart store on Fairview Street yesterday at 5:30 p.m. […]

These robbers weren’t amateurs – Break and Enter at electronics store results in $30,000 heist.

Break and enter

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 21, 2011 – On October 20th at 10:36 p.m. Halton Police got an alarm call from the Future Shop, 3060 […]

Confusing crime scene and Crime Stoppers information that doesn’t add up.

Broken glass

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 27, 2011 This is an odd one. Sometime last week unknown suspect(s) smashed the front glass door to gain entry […]

Black four door sedan – with a spoiler – do you know of one ? Police would like to hear from you.

police in cruiser

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 21, 2011 The police need your help in locating a vehicle that struck a 12-yr-old girl, at the intersection of […]

This give convenience store service a whole new meaning – pretty close to take out.

cigarette theft

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 20, 2011 Halton Regional Police Service is still investigating the theft of cigarettes from a convenience store in Burlington. Sometime […]

More than 500 regional residents had unhappy discussions with police officer during Thanksgiving weekend.

HRPS car

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 17, 2011 – While Thanksgiving weekend is a bit behind us now – it is a date that will remain […]

This was slick – this was really slick. The Jag is probably in a container on its way to Yugoslavia.

Jaguar xjr

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 14, 2100 The Halton Regional Police seek the public’s assistance in identifying a car theft suspect. And if you’re offered […]

Oakville Youth Faces Multiple Charges in Crime Spree; breaks into homes while residents sleep.

Police dog Juno + Mitchell  wide

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 12, 2011 It was a full night for a 17 year old Oakville male who managed to stealthily enter three […]

Baseball bats used in all male altercation outside Burlington McDonald`s

Men fighting

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 6, 2011 Five men with just too much testerone had it out at the McDonalds at Upper Middle Road and […]

Police release drawings of Hornby gas bar robbery suspects.

police tape at scene

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON October 6, 2011 Police have released composite drawings of two suspects who robbed a gas bar in Hornby. The robbery took […]

Bump up the kids allowance – there might be a $100. ticket to pay. Skate board fines might be in the works.

Skate board with sail

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON October 6, 2010 – Redo that budget and get in some money for the $75.00 fine the city wants to […]