Different perspectives on student art. Dutch use war scenes to work from while Burlington students use local landmarks.

Mundialization art

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 21, 2012 Three or four weeks ago there was a sudden unexplainable burst of traffic from Brazil of all […]

The band will play on, the speakers will boom out sound while the SOM people that make it all happen keep their fingers crossed.

Crowd in front of a manin stage

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 20, 2012 For a short period of time the Sound of Music Festival was a contender for the $17,000 […]

Ideas worth spreading will be on the stage at TEDxBurlington this year; a first for the city.

Campbell Spencer on a bike

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON March 20, 2012 Spencer Campbell grew up in Burlington and lives here now. He’s done some amazing things but it is […]

Heritage is challenged to get it right within a very short time frame. New chair and vice chair installed. Now the hard work begins.

Walkers line house

REVISED October 2, 2012 By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 13, 2012 They had their work cut out for them. The marching orders were pretty […]

To Zumba or not to Zumba? Can I get it with a coupon or on Wagjag? – asks savy shopper O’Hara.

Zumba 400 people

By Sara O`Hara BURLINGTON, ON March 13, 2012 I love Wagjags. There is something attractive about getting up to seventy per cent off an item, […]

Who is Jeremy Freiburger and what does he want to do to us? And will it hurt?

Burlington Art Centre

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 11, 2012 Jeremy Freiburger is the Founder of the Imperial Cotton Centre for Public Art that was very recently […]

Putting the cultural wheels in motion and making the arts a bigger part of the city’s economic development.

Graffitti image

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 12, 2012 “I would like” said the city of Burlington, “a Master plan for the cultural industries in my […]

Waterfront committee might just pump a little energy into Beachway part of the city.


By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 10, 2012 There are things happening on the waterfront despite the close to disastrous state of the Waterfront Advisory […]

You will be able to see the art chosen this time. Exterior art at BPAC to be unveiled same month as Pier in 2013 Can we handle this?

Orchids -all three on Upper Middle

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 9, 2012 After putting up a rather decent piece of public art in a place where no one […]

There was a buzz; it was the sound of 100+ people pulled together by social media guru. Will he go viral?

BiB Attendees

Margaret Lindsay Holton, an award-winning writer and mid-career Golden Horseshoe artist found herself fascinated with a form of social media intended for the business crowd […]

$2500 and a HUG was all the cultural community could pull out of a budget committee.

Ross Ian assuring Librarian Budg Bazzar

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 6, 2012 The culture mavens gave it their very best shot. Barbara Teatero, Executive Director Museums Burlington, stood at […]

Outdoor ice skating at Spencer Smith Park ends. There go the Spring Break Plans. Did we have a winter?

Skating rink Discovery Landing

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON March 6, 2012 And then it was over. Winter had hardly gotten a decent grip on the city and the lake […]

The sandbox is now his to run as Chris Glenn has the Acting taken away from his title. Congratulations..

Central Park - play area

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 1, 2012 The acting part of his career ended last night and this morning Chris Glenn enters city hall […]

Where can one go to look ten years younger, lose ten pounds, learn how to invest, and plan her funeral all under one roof?

Woman of Burlington jewellary A

Sarah O’Hara is a Burlington mother of two who realized that her degree in modernist literature wasn’t going to lead to work that had meaning […]

If you know how to raise your pinky finger and can fake a British accent – Barb Teatero wants to hear from you.

Brant Museum

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON February 25, 2012 For those who are of a monarchist bent – there is an opportunity for you to be […]

Orchids on the move? Was the “lesson learned” turned into an advantage that might satisfy everyone?

Orchid - Lancaster Sharman and artist

By Pepper Parr REVISED February 24, 2012 It is always very unwise to let politicians anywhere near the selection of public art. Burlington made a […]

Renowned world class author to speak at Burlington Library; Different Drummer co-sponsors the event.

Eksteins Modris

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON February 16, 2012 I’m not quite sure how he does it but Ian Elliott, proprietor of The Different Drummer Bookstore […]

Like it or not you have to deal with Facebook’s new layout. Here’s how you lock down your profile – post-Timeline.

Facebook timeline

ItCanada.ca publishes more than half a dozen technology magazines including CIO Canada and Network World. They are a reputable publisher that has been in business […]

Tax increase thinking would have Burlington as one of the lowest in GTA – council talking 3.4%


By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON January 17, 2010 – This time last year Council member Paul Sharman was savaging senior city staff over the data […]

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – delicious fun event at Ireland House.


By Staff BURLINGTON, ON January 17, 2012 – It is difficult to see any relationship whatsoever between chocolate and the Ireland House at the Oakridge […]