Applefest; a family event that celebrates the end of the harvest season takes place at Ireland House this weekend.

Fallfest tractor

By Staff September 11th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   There is that fall festival hymn: Come, ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of harvest home! […]

Rick Craven at his worst ... To sully his own reputation like this is disappointing.

Rick Craven

By Pepper Parr September 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   So it has come to this. One had hoped that he might go quietly into the […]

Who is ECoB - and why do three members of council put in so much time ridiculing a citizens group ?

ECOB Dec 13 #3

By Staff September 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   There are people out there who are doing their darndest to scupper the candidate debates that ECoB […]

City administration runs amok with electioneering rules that defy understanding.

fridge magnet

By Jim Young September 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON This is my Political Fridge Magnet. Political magnet on a fridge When I stick it on […]

Fibre Content Exhibit open at the AGB - some very fine work on display, well worth the time.

Houses Fibre

By Staff September 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The reception for the Fourth Biennial Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Fibre Art took place at the Art […]

Drop-in Recreation Calendar isn't fully operational - use the Live and Play catalogue for now.


By Staff September 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON The calendar for drop-in recreation activities is experiencing difficulties. To ensure you have accurate information, please use the […]

Returning officer looks into that election survey work being done that upset a lot of resident - all the candidates said they weren't behind it.

City Clerk Angela Morgan fails to ensure media alerted to Special Council meeting.  Her communications people dropped the ball as well.

By Staff September 09-2018 BURLINGTON, ON   A little bit more on that polling that was being done by Campaign Research. The Gazette learned that […]

Is the Burlington News Facebook page a front for a particular political interest in the east end of the city.

City hall - older pic

By Staff September 9, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   How, asked an east Burlingtonian, do we expose the fake news and misinformation that is coming out […]

Rivers: How many elected official do we really need?

Rivers hand to face

By Ray Rivers September 08, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   It’s that same old problem. Too many doctors leads to too many unnecessary MRIs and surgeries. […]

Ward 5 candidate comments on the debate kerfuffle - she will be attending.

Burlington flags

By Mary Alice St. James September 8th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   I am proud of the courage, time, energy, skills and the monetary commitment that […]

Halton Poverty Roundtable tells Minister that she didn't get it right - still time to change her mind.

Lisa McLoud

By Staff September 7th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Sarah Sabihuddin, Director, Community Engagement, Halton Poverty Roundtable has written an Open Letter to Lisa MacLeod, a […]

Councillor Paul Sharman looking for a reason - any reason, to note have to face and debate the four people who want his council seat.

By Pepper Parr September 7th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Paul Sharman has once again confused the forest for the trees. He has said that he […]

Ben - a Nelson Youth Centre success story.

By Staff September 6th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The staff at the Nelson Youth Centre tell the story about Ben, a young boy who was […]

Nelson Youth Centre celebrates 40 years of working with youth in the community.

Nelson house from air

By Staff September 6th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   It was forty years ago when Ron Gardner founded the Nelson Youth Centre. It has been serving […]

Interactive Maps and Open Data services not available Sept. 6-7, 2018

Open data

By Staff September 5th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The city is upgrading the mapping and open data technology application. You will not be able to […]

The audacity of the man - he had six days to make up his mind. He fails to meet the deadline and then asks for the date to be changed.

Is Ward 4 Councillor JAckl Dennison walking into one of theose "Gunfights at the OK Corral"

By Pepper Parr September 4th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   After giving ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison six days’ notice to confirm that he will take […]

Why is it that the incumbents don't want to defends what they have done for the past eight years?

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr September 5th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman listening to east end residents. Councillor Sharman wasn’t certain that ECoB […]

Concerns over the quality of the drinking water at local schools are nothing to worry about: The Board has a policy to ensure that the water is safe and they keep parents informed.


By Staff September 5, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   A Gazette reader advised us that parents were getting notices about the amount of lead in the […]

Council candidate chastises her opponent for refusing to take part in a debate; accuses him of putting his personal interests before those of the people he wants to represent.

Councillor Jack Dennison with his election winning smile.

By Staff September 4th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Shawna Stolte, a candidate for the ward 4 city council seat said today that she was “So […]

Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison ducks the only debate being held for city council candidates

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr September 4th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Getting public attention in Burlington for the election of the people who will serve on city […]