Council meets in a closed session to discuss several property acquisition matters.

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October 10th, 2017



It was a short public meeting – lasted a few minutes.

City solicitor Nancy Shea Nicol serving as Acting City Manager with Finance and Capital Works people around the horseshoe went into a Closed session of Committee of the Whole while they discussed three separate items each related to the acquisition or proposed acquisition of property.


Councillor Meed Ward chaired the Closed session of a Committee of the Whole

They don’t tell you any more than that.

Ward 2 Councillor Meed Ward chaired the meeting

Might have to do with the property the Joseph Brant Museum sits on – that is a messy file that involves the Hospital which has title to the land but the federal government has a major say in what the hospital can do with the land.

The city wants the land so they can get on with the total rebuild of the museum,

This is pure speculation on our part.

It is unusual for Burlington to have property acquisition matters on the agenda.

The public should learn more when the recommendations from the Committee of the Whole get to Council later in the month.


City plans to break ground for the construction of a much larger Joseph Brant Museum.

The city has announced a ground breaking ceremony for the museum expansion on Friday.

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2 comments to Council meets in a closed session to discuss several property acquisition matters.

  • stoneycanuk

    Why not research the facts rather than state “This is pure speculation on our part”?

    Editor’s note: What’s to research – it was a closed meeting. The speculation is based on years of observation and a knowledge of what is ongoing in terms of property acquisition.

  • Helene Skinner

    Maybe properties on Beachway?

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