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Back When People Used to Vote Labor

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard Back When People Used to Vote Labor (and When They Used To Speak To Each Other)

Rudd's plan seemed to be a winner and he was swept into office without having to do anything other than agreeing with every pre-election policy that Howard came up with. The obvious flaw with this plan was that from the day he was made Prime Minister, Rudd no longer had anyone to copy.

The rest, as they say, is history, the Labor Party did what it does best and the pecuniary interests of union heavies took precedence over sane policy discussion. The pre-election ideals of small government and fiscal liberalism got put aside by a government who mistook the future fund as some kind of cosmic credit card that would never need to be repaid and heaped us with a new government and a new leader that has no control of the economy, no control of our borders and no grip on reality.

There is no point mixing words any more, Julia Gillard is finished, her time as Prime Minister will go down as a failure and even the most stoic Labor supporter can no longer look you in the eye and tell you that she has any chance of winning. I would have thought her ridiculous comments about blue ties and about women being abolished from politics under a Coalition Government would have been the final nail in the coffin but in reality the coffin was buried long ago. Nobody cared about her comments and nobody was surprised, they have hardly registered in the news cycle. Some people look at this and try to say that it hasn't been mentioned as the media is biased, this is not true. It didn't register because Gillard is now an insignificant player in the race to be Australia's Prime Minister. She has about as much chance as winning the next election as I do.

In this series of Game of Thrones there are only two people left who could be King. They are Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd. Ironically, both of these would-be-leaders will be trying to follow in the footsteps of the same man in their quest for the lodge, John Howard.

John Howard Australia's Last Competent Prime Minister and The Man That The Two Remaining Candidates Are Trying To Emulate

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