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8 Key Strategies To *Rock* Twitter Part 1

I was recently inspired to write a brief tutorial on how to *rock* Twitter out of it's socks! I have a couple friends offline and online, that want to properly use twitter and become more effective in their Twitter marketing. I will give you guys and gals my personal opinion based on what I have found worked best for me and countless others. This strategies are for both newbies and seasoned twitteres looking to effectively market their business, product, service, and causes.

1. Upload a picture. As obvious as it may seem, I can't tell you how many people don't have a profile picture. If I told you, that the first thing most people lock their eyes into is the picture, would you believe me? If you believe me than that would mean you understand this picture is your first impression . Not having a picture means you instantly lose connection with your prospect/customer. Let them know there is a real person in the other side of the screen. Most importantly SMILE .

2. Bio. Make sure to share your short and sweet incredible story with others.People don't remember facts nearly as well as they remember a good story. Try teaching them a powerful lesson you've learned through your successes and failures, people will thank you and it will help you develop those imperative relationships.

3. Automated Messages. Manually sending messages to everyone who follows you can become an overwhelming task. 3 things to look out for is links, length, and greeting.

I personally prefer to keep the messages clean with no links. As far as length goes keep it underneath 140 characters otherwise the end of your message will be cut off. The service I provided a link to above, will remind you, but it will not stop you from sending a message that's too long. Last is greeting, make it short and sweet straight to the point, write a message that genuinely shows how much you appreciate their friendship.

(I know the explanations we're quick, and I would love to say more on this subject but it would be too long to place it within this post. So I decided to make my next post an extension of this, I promise I will have it within 24 hours of this posting so make sure to come back

4. Reward Good Behavior . The magic number comes back again, 3 behaviors to reward. When someone re-tweets your content, mentions you, or follows you. Reward these behaviors easily by saying thank you for following/sharing my content through an @reply or through a direct message.

Its simple I know, but it's that recognition and appreciation that leaves a lasting impression , and if it's relationships your after this is the way to do it hands down. Your breaking the pattern, there so use to just following people, mentioning, and re-tweeting them, and most decide not to take the time to say thank you.

(I'm not saying do it with every single follower, but make a commitment to how many people you will talk to that day and make sure to nurture that relationship. A one time hi and thank you is just the start.)

5.Great Social Media Content . I'm going to try and keep it short and simple, since this is a topic I get excited about. let's start with what not to do. So it's common sense, if you wanna be heard within this huge crowd of online marketers, all you got to do is scream louder than everyone else right?

unfortunately 99% of us started of that way, SPAMMING the social airways full of "The new REAL million dollar opportunity join now if you wanna make 50k+ a month!" or "The new and improved pill that will give you the six pack you always wanted!" it's all repulsive and our BS alarms go off instantly.

The way to do it is through attraction marketing . You attract people by showing them your a leader and genuinely want to help them, in John Quincy Adam's words "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than you are a leader" . Than do just that, place inspiring quotes, write a post that will help others dream more, learn more, do more and become more, share an inspiring video, your imagination is limitless and so are the actions that can take place in order to make this a reality.

OK number one in my list is to thank everyone who has made their input available for others to see and many many thanks for the compliments, knowing I am helping others is the most rewarding and powerful part of this process. Next this is part 1 of a 2 part series, the second part which will be made available to the public late next week. Hope to see you again soon .

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