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Seeking Answers Regarding Obesity

There is a higher incidence of obesity among Americans. Studies show that two-thirds of the population is actually overweight. This is attributed to unhealthy lifestyles and excessive sugar intake. Sugar does not only come from the obvious sweet food items. Sugar is also sourced from carbohydrate rich food like sucrose, dextrose, glucose and fructose.

They are found in practically everything that we choose to take into our body from chips to fries to bread and beverages. Too much sugar taken into the body predisposes individuals to serious health conditions, among them diabetes, liver and heart diseases and obesity. This should be enough wake up call for everyone.

If you think you might be a candidate for any of these conditions because of excessive sugar in your diet, seek help. You may find online health advice made available for you via the web and you may also consult a health professional.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 08/08/2016






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