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Job Interview Tactics for the Seasoned Professional

Job interview tactics vary according to the position and the seasoned professional is likely to know how to adjust according to the position sought - whether it is a senior management position or a fill-in between-opportunities job.

It is surprising how many rely on the same good looks and innocent charm they employed to impress an interviewer for starter jobs, even 20 or 30 years later. Such job interview tactics should have been thrown away. For a start the looks and innocence have probably worn a little and the interview is usually conducted by a team.You can no longer rely on the gut instinct interviewer, who makes a decision within a minute of meeting you.

But as a seasoned professional you know that. You know the importance of a snappy, error-free and fact-based resume, or dressing for the role, of smiling, shaking hands firmly while making eye-contact. And you know that does not put you ahead of the competition that has learned all those tactics too.

It's often easy for you as a well-rounded and, let's be honest, seasoned professional to think you have the job already. It might call for something you have done in your sleep for years. But remember, the interviewers are not looking for someone who can do it in their sleep, or any other way. They are targeting the identification of the individual who can be the greatest value-added contributor. Job interview tactics should reflect that.

You should notice the type of interviewer you have and act accordingly. Flexibility is the hallmark of the old pro. You might have the "gut instincter", in which case you have the job under control, or not, very early. You might find interviewers keen to know your feelings and personality; it's time to show your preparation and results of your internet search on the company, as well as to talk about your values.

Be careful about rambling conversational interviewers, who might be laying traps. Here you can show confidence without arrogance. Questions about past experience, in searching detail, come from behavior-based interviewers, the opposite of the gut-instincters.Handle them by showing how your competencies add value to the company.

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