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My Sister's Visit to Hawaii

My sister Christie visited recently for a whole week before she began her senior year of high school.

I remember holding herwhen she was Owen's size. Don't you hate it when little sisters grow up?I was glad she came because I missed her, I wanted her to meet her nephew Owen, and because her boyfriend Cody just left for basic training in the Army. I think the distraction was good for her. Usually we fight a bit, like siblings do, but we didn't fight for the whole week she was here, we we're having too good of a time. I wish she could have stayed forever.

Having a sister is like none other. My relationship with Christie is like no other relationship I have. She says I raised her after my parents divorced and I think she is right, although I resisted doing it because I knew it wasn't my responsibility, I always felt responsible for her well-being. I always took care of her.

She was really annoying then, like most children are, but now she is almost an adult, and we can talk about adult things. While she was here I was able to give her advice of school, college, getting a job, dating a military man, scholarships, and parents. She took care of Owen so I could run around the house doing chores or go to the grocery store without a baby in tow.

But, best of all, Christie is the ultimate go-getter. And what I mean by that, is that she is up for anything, like me. We both like to go new places and just check it out. I don't feel the need to impress Christie, she has definitely seen me at my worse and best, and we have the same sense of humor and physical abilities. While she was here, I took her to see all of the things that I thought we're worth seeing while on Oahu, then I took her to see the things that I had been wanting to see, but hadn't because I didn't have a go-getter with me.

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