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Why Your Church Should Be On Facebook.

10 Reasons Your Church Should Be On Facebook

  • Effective Communication People are already using it.
  • Share Photos People love to see pictures of something they we're a part of.
  • Share Video Facebook makes video so easy.
  • Connection Point Church websites are great, but let's face it, a church website is a one way conversation. (Unless It's A Blog Frank)
  • Easy Invitation Since facebook makes it so easy for a conversation in an online environment, it can also be a great way for your people to invite others to church.
  • Staff Visibility As churches grow larger, it can be challenging for the average person that attends church to know who does what on your staff.
  • It's Fun If you make the choice to have fun with it, you can have a great time on facebook.
  • Celebrate Success Sometimes in ministry I feel like we spend so much time focusing on areas we need to improve, that we forget to celebrate what we're doing right.
  • Rally The Troops After you've got a good following, facebook can be an easy way to communicate a need quickly.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 01/01/2017






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