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Is Colloidal Silver Harmless?

A survey of colloidal silver on the net can be confusing. Just how much can you depend on those who are selling you colloidal silver or a colloidal silver generator to manufacture it? And then there are the webpages that essentially assert that colloidal silver is useless, potentially toxic, and that no sound scientific experiments reinforce it's efficacy. Who are you suppose to think?

I think the primary point we have to consider is what I would call the democracy of the dead. We have become quite haughty in our present day culture of technology and oftentimes completely underestimate the intelligence of those who have existed prior to us. Our scientific solution is not the only way to get to truth. A short look at of history will expose that the antibiotic qualities of silver clinically and in food preservation have been recognized by the historical Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and by the famed alchemist Paracelsus.

Second, we can't discount the early achievements with silver immediately subsequent the discovery of bacteria. It has systematically taken care of diseases such as skin ulcers, fractures, acute wounds, and eye disorders for more than a hundred years, proving itself useful against 650 different varieties of harmful bacteria. These treatments we're found and implemented by mainstream groundbreaking medical doctors and researchers.

Next, in more current periods, scientists such as Dr. Robert O Becker and Dr. Flick have established the effectiveness of silver for curing severe infections and healing burns, among other things. Bob Beck, the developer of flash photography, designed a colloidal silver generator that could cheaply make silver for the common people. He efficiently treated lots of medical conditions with it. NASA and others have used it for water and air purification. Nowadays it is used in kitchen surfaces and appliances to avoid food poisoning and used it in garments to eliminate the microbes that trigger body and clothing odors. Large corporations are today studying and manufacturing new silver compounds that combat microbes and serious illnesses such as AIDS.

Already a established and acknowledged germ killer, the use and study of silver dropped out of style when anti-biotics we're discovered. Medical professionals peddling antibiotics demeaned silver in preference of the magic drugs. Countless still do. Nevertheless, the emergence of lots of antibiotic immune strains of bacteria has heightened curiosity about colloidal silver. Silver, pure and simple, is another victim of unmanageable greed of vested interests.

But the honest truth cannot be hidden. An frank inspection of at the truth about colloidal silver speak for themselves. Its record is transparent and plain for all to view if they will look. But do a lot more than merely look. A colloidal silver generator is a powerful device that should be implemented for our health that shouldn't be overlooked.


Posted in Newspaper Post Date 01/20/2017






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