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A professor of literature blowing the minds of many

A professor of literature blowing the minds of many a neuroscientist demonstrated reading not skimming, not casually perusing, but that deeply transportive experience of connecting so thoroughly with a story that you feel present and part of it activates every part of the brain. This is amazing, when you consider that heretofore, reading was considered to be isolated to a few select areas relating to language and memory, with the motor cortex only engaged if speech is involved.

Consider what we can take from this in terms of teaching kids how to pay attention, and what it feels like to be engaged. Consider, also, what this says about what it is we really want for our reading challenged students. Our students should become so fluent in the building blocks the decoding, and the components of grammar we want our students to feel driven to reach for that deep immersion to experience the magical other-worldliness of a story.

This study doesn't change any of the strategies we currently know to be effective in teaching comprehension, nor strategies to it just gives the concept of comprehension even more power, and in my mind, impetus to bring our students even higher.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 01/07/2016






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