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These days the words mind over matter can be associated with more serious health issues and related treatments and this line of thought can certainly help you to fall asleep fast if you and suffering from a form of sleep disorder. Using the mind in order to achieve relaxation can now be done by almost anybody in order to acquire sleep.

Mindful Meditation

Using the mind in order to achieve relaxation can now be done by almost anybody in order to acquire sleep

One kind of meditation that will help you fall asleep fast is mindful meditation. This kind of meditation simply involves the act of focusing onto several aspects of your life before going to bed and letting go.

In order for this technique to be successful, you must think of an issue in your life that needs to be tackled and requires an effective solution, more than likely you will find this is related to your sleep disorder to begin with. Using a journal to write down all of the ideas, concepts, thoughts or plans can also assist with this technique. This kind of meditation really helps in releasing the tension or stress that you might have acquired during the past few days or weeks and eventually help you fall asleep fast .


In the most simple sense counting is a technique many of us have heard but rarely taken seriously however there is an argument for this type of approach if done correctly. All you have to do is to simply take an abdominal breath every time you try to relax and count. The meditation can become more effective if you try to imagine something that signifies the number that in your mind as you count. For instance, you could imagine yourself picking your favorite flower while you are enjoying the view of a grassy open field.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery can also be an effective meditation technique in order to help you fall asleep fast. This meditation technique could be simply done by creating the most relaxing scene in your mind. It might be an open field, a beach resort, or anything that would give you the pleasure and delight. Even thinking that you are eating your favorite delicacy can be effective, as long as you believe that it relaxes you. Using a CD player in order to help you develop this mental image can also be effective.

These meditation techniques are some of the simplest techniques in order to fall asleep easier, they are also tried and tested. It simply shows that some solutions can be actually found inside the body especially when you have almost tried all the tips for falling asleep but still end up unsuccessful.

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