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The Continuing Democratization of America

One of the most frustrating parts of the political process to me is that we have political parties that have no idea what they stand for and few core values which endure the test of time. In particular, I am very frustrated at the lack of understanding of what a Republican form of government really is and the inability of the Republican Party to adequately espouse the merits of such a system.

A few years ago I wrote a blog in which I laid our the reasons that I align myself with the Republican party. In that blog I laid out why a popular vote, also known as a democracy, is a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When I first published that blog on Facebook a good friend of mine, who is a life-long southern democrat, balked at my strong suggestions and asked me if I really thought that anyone in the Democratic party was actually espousing the values of a direct democracy. I told him that I did in fact think that such an outcome was exactly a part of the overall strategy of the Democratic party. I said then, and I believe today, that Republicans can and ought to be stronger advocates of bringing back a stronger system of Federalism and embrace the principles of a Republic.

It is not a popular thing to advocate that we look to ensure that those with the most vested interests in America's growth and production have more of a say than those who do not. However, it is the right thing to say.

So, when watching the Republican debate tonight I saw an advertisement for a new group that is advocating for a national popular vote. This is one issue that Republicans should be uniformly and unequivocally opposed to. This is one of the greatest possible threats to American. A path as dangerous as any social entitlement because it is the gateway to endless and destructive social entitlements. I can guarantee that if we we're to run a poll today of likely Republican voters on the issue, that a good percentage of them would favor a national popular vote. I have no doubt that an overwhelming percentage of Democrats favor this issue. That should scare anyone with a elementary knowledge of American civics.

While this issue advocacy group may be small and insignificant today, the issue is dangerous because of it's populist appeal. I hope that more people are outspoken on the need to reduce the influence of popular voting. Republican/representative government is what best safeguards our society's finances and our individual liberties. If we cannot protect and enhance that system, we might as well throw the rest out because the masses will not protect the good of society, they will protect the good of themselves.

All around us we see the signs of the gradual democratization of America. We have voter referendums in every state on spending issues that are bankrupting our local and state governments, we have recall elections that are protecting and enhancing special interest groups throughout the nation. We are on a dangerous path to the destruction of individual liberty and society's fiscal sanity in the name of greater voting rights. We can and must be more outspoken about being Republicans in the truest sense of the term. We can keep our Republic, but only if we're willing to actually advocate for it.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 05/27/2017






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