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Does Chiropractic Care Help To Lower Blood Pressure?

Few doctors suggest stress management, exercise and diet as a technique of handling elevated blood pressure. Therefore how does chiropractic care help lower blood pressure ? Categorical alterations of the bone at the very top of the neck, called the Atlas, can help to cut stress on the brain stem.

Decreasing stress on the brain stem can excite the Vagus Nerve, helping to decelerate your pulse and lower the blood pressure. There are a good number of technical reasons for this.

However this work is aimed at folk who need to get off drugs and lower the blood pressure naturally, not somebody looking to excuse the employment of drugs. Briefly, chiropractic adjustments of the higher cervical backbone excite what's called the parasympathetic nerve system, or the reset button for the "fight or flight" mechanism.

While any good chiropractor can adjust the higher cervical backbone, I think the most satisfactory results come from precise higher cervical alterations. And you might realize other benefits from higher cervical chiropractic adjustments , like sounder sleep, digestion and elimination.

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