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Canned Foods

Canned foods aren't for everyone. In fact, there are many people who fear eating canned foods, but it has nothing to do with the actual food inside. Their fear has to do with three little letters BPA, which stands for Bisphenol A an industrial chemical that is often used as an epoxy resin to line and seal metal cans. Its also found in different types of plastics, including the kind used to make water bottles.

Well, why is BPA so bad? It is a known hormone disruptor that can contribute to the development of certain types of cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. BPA is present in many places; however, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that most exposure to the chemical is through the diet. And canned foods are one culprit.

So is canned food a friend or foe? For many, they're a welcome and convenient friend. For others, they are an absolute foe. But why not consider them an acquaintance? Neither friend, nor foe. Someone you only associate with on occasion. Popping open a can of soup, beans or other food on occasion when you're pressed for time might be okay. Just try reaching for other BPA-free options when you can.

The good news is that there are still many convenient time-saving BPA-free food options available when you just don't have the time to do everything completely from scratch (And who does?). Many commonly canned foods are now also available in BPA-free cartons (broth and tomato sauce are two examples). And instead of grabbing a can of soup, look for bagged/boxed soup mixes. Water is usually all you need to add. These take a little longer to heat than a can of soup, but they're still fast and sans BPA. Finally, some companies now offer BPA-free canned foods.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 06/25/2017






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