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Life's Purpose

One of the biggest desires we have is to know our lifes purpose. You have asked yourself before, Why am I here? What is my life all about? Usually these questions come to us when we feel unhappy with the way our life currently is. You feel tired of going to the same job that you don't feel any passion for. You may feel disheartened by the lack of love and connection in your friends, family and your spouse.

In this blog I'm going to give you the stepping-stones to point you in the direction to change your life, fundamentally. It is up to you to do the work and create the change.

There was a time in your life as a child when you had no thought in your mind about what you should do in order to please others and not get judged. The only thought of what you wanted to do was what would make you happy in that moment.

By the time your mind started developing into being concerned about what others thought of you, you like all of us started following that thought in your head rather than the desire in your heart.

The fear of what others thought about you started at a very early age. This all started before you we're of an age to ask yourself what your true purpose is.

As a result of this early conditioning, when it came time for you to listen to why you're really here and what difference you are here to make, your mind was already so habitually use to living within a comfort zone, to not stand out and to not do anything that people might judge you or say something hurtful about you. Your mind has tried protecting you from getting hurt for all these years because of past experiences where you or someone you knew was hurt by being unique.

For many, to get to the point of discovering your life's purpose, your life might feel like it's hit rock bottom. Your life may feel empty. From here, there is nowhere to go but up. You might feel miserable and unhappy in your work, your relationships aren't nearly as open and meaningful as you desire, your finances are always creating anxiety and stress and you may have no understanding what purpose all these struggles has for you.

The first thing and most important thing you must do to discover your life's purpose, and there is no getting around this, is to learn how to sit quietly with yourself. For most if not all of your life you have lived in a culture that operates from an extremely busy mind, always on the go. In order to get in touch with your Heart, which reveals all the wisdom for your lifes purpose, you MUST learn how to sit in silence with yourself on a regular basis.

This is where your light is. This is where the authentic you resides. This is where you will discover your uniqueness and the vision your soul came to this world to fulfill.

Sitting with yourself can and will be challenging in the beginning and maybe for a long time. This is true for everyone. Your not the only one who has a busier mind when you sit alone and close your eyes. It's important to keep coming back to our inner life in solitude.

The next step after learning to quietly sit alone, is to start a self dialogue with your inner life. You have so many living parts within you that yearn to be heard. Some parts of you are angry, sad and guilty and some parts of you are happy, inspired and free.

Just as you would sit with a child who is hurt or angry, without trying to fix their problem, but just letting them know that you are here with them and you care about them, so is true for our inner life.

Your spirit, which can be most felt in the heart area of your chest, needs you to sit with all of what's alive for you. Even putting your hand on your heart and drawing your attention downward towards your chest can support the connection to your inner life. As you begin listening to all these parts and letting them know that you care with a gentle touch and kind words, you will begin to notice this inner voice showing up more and more often throughout your daily life.

Just like a small child who is hurt, the moment the child feels as though you truly listened without trying to get him to stop being hurt, the child comes back to love. The next thing you know he is playing, jumping and laughing again. Its having no expectation of changing what your feeling, but just learning how to truly be with all that's present in you in that moment.

Your inner life needs your attention. It needs to know that you are willing to take the time to care for it and want to know how it feels from it's perspective.

It's possible that some part of you would rather be told what your life purpose is rather than taking the time to sit quietly with yourself. Yet this is truly the only way you can discover your life's highest vision of yourself is by learning to cultivate a gentle relationship with your inner life.

If you desire to expand even further on this self practice, by partnering with someone who is specialized in facilitating guided visualizations to lead you in a self dialogue with your inner self and asking specific questions about your highest vision for your life, this will lead you to the clarity you've wanted for years.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 08/03/2017






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