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First, I'd like to thank One Loved American Girl for nominating...

First, I'd like to thank One Loved American Girl for nominating me. I appreciate it so much that you stop by the blog for a visit and I really enjoy catching up on yours.

I really love the sense of community blogging provides and it's even more amazing that it's a community that loves to spread the love.

As a little community building activity, to accept the award, I'm required to share seven things about myselfso here goes.

1. I'm awful at helping with taking care of our two dogs. (You can meet the bitc-, I mean, girls) on my about page.) I seriously love them, but they seriously exhaust me and drive me crazy and sometimes, I just don't want to deal. My wonderful husband uncomplainingly usually walks them for their last walk of the night. I mean, he's probably cursing me out in his head but case in point, it's 11:38pm and I'm sitting in bed writing this and he's walking Kona (who technically hates him). Resolution: HELP MORE!

2. I'm emotional. Like irrational at times emotional. I can also be very pragmatic and practical when it counts, but generally, I'm a basket case. My husband is the most wise, patient person I've ever met and I pray every day that I can be more level headed like him.

3. I get anxiety when my house doesn't look like it's staged for a photo shootwhich is virtually never. Seriously, it's a losing battle, and one I'll just have to hopefully learn to get past. But my dream is to have my home in a perpetual state of readiness in case, you know, Better Homes and Gardens wants to do a feature.

4. I miss my Nana. Every. Single. Day.

5. I'm currently mad at my priest for making me cry in mass virtually every Sunday. Is it ok to be mad at your priest? Damn, he's just such a good speaker and he gets me every time.

6. I have an unhealthy obsession with Bravo TV and the Real Housewives of (pick your city).

7. Part of my family heritage is Armenian and I'm obsessed with the food. I could live on dolma (stuffed grape leaves) the rest of my life.

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