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Ross and Rachel became as famous as Romeo and Juliet

Whether you love it or hate it, or used to love it but can no longer stand it, you can't deny it's influence. Ross and Rachel became as famous a couple as Romeo and Juliet, cafes all over the world brought in couches and oversized cups, Dads starting saying How You Doin' to try and sound cool, and the lyrics to Smelly Cat are better known than the lyrics to some actual songs. It's the kind of thing you can imagine being shown in anthropology and cultural studies lectures in 100 years time as a representation of turn of the millennium culture, you can decide if that's a scary thought or not.

There have been many attempts by the US television networks to copy the Friends format, and replicate it's success, but very few show have enjoyed the same level of universal success. The show also broke the boundaries for salaries for TV actors, with the six main cast members earning $1 million an episode in the final season.

Of course the show isn't exempt from criticism. Aside from any discussions of it's quality and humour, the show has often been called out for it's idealistic portrayal of life in New York which fails to reflect the cultural diversity the city prides itself on, and glosses over financial realities; even though money worries sometimes come up all the characters live in pretty fancy apartments and never have to think twice about being able to afford an other coffee in Central Perk.

To celebrate it's twenty year anniversary, leave a comment below telling me your favourite episode (mine is the one with the quiz where Monica bets the apartment) or alternatively turn on E4 and you're likely to find an episode you can watch and reminisce.

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