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I remember that day

I was living in St. Louis attending college. I had an apartment that was on the 11th floor overlooking the campus. I got woken up by a phone call from a friend of mine who lived in Illinois and she asked if classes we're canceled for the day.

I sat up and looked out my window to a beautiful blue sky with the sun shining. I asked her what they he'll she was was talking about. She said "You haven't been watching what is happening?"

I said no and asked what she was talking about. She said to turn on the tv. I asked what channel and she said all of them. It was one of the most surreal phone call I have ever had.

I turned on the tv about 3 minutes before the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center. I was speechless. I told her I had no idea about classes for the day and that I would let her know if I heard anything and hung up the phone.

I sat there for at least 3 hours just completely glued to the tv and answering phone calls. After about 3 hours of watching tv with people in my apartment complex I decided to walk over to campus.

Classes weren't canceled that day but I don't think any attendance records we're set either. It seamed like the whole student body was just wandering around campus in a total daze. Here we we're 2000 miles away from what happened and still it felt like we we're right there.

There we're a lot of people on campus that had families living in NYC and they we're just beside themselves. We all just sat in the quad all day and talked about lots of things.

It was one of those days where it doesn't seem like anything is real. No once had any clue what to expect or to do.

The rest of the week all classes we're centered around what happened on that day. How could we go on with normal classes when something like that had just taken place?

All my instructors really struggled with how to organize the classes with all the chaos going on in the world. It was one of the greatest weeks of classes I have ever had the pleasure to take part in.

We discussed what happened in so many different fashions depending on the course. It was amazing to see how it could tie into courses ranging from calculus, philosophy, econ, public speaking and accounting.

This is the first time I have ever actually put down on paper what I was doing on that day. I have discussed it on many occasions. It is a totally different experience putting your thoughts about something that life changing down for others to read.

Wow! Who knew that typing that was going to have that type of effect.

God bless everyone who was affected by the events of that terrible day. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 10/29/2017






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