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Investing in gold

Many investors see investing in gold as a good long-term investment because it is a stable investment, is a great means of having a liquid and material asset at ones disposal and historically, it has appreciated in value over time. Moreover, many investors wish to buy gold, because it has shown to be more stable than other investments over time.

Since the times of the Persians, Muslims have seen value in buying gold as a stable investment. The fact that there is no restriction under Islamic laws for Muslims to deal and invest in gold has made this as a popular investment instrument among Muslims, especially those living in the Arab world. Besides, the fact that economies and money markets can be very unpredictable and subject to sudden downturns has made many investors turn to buying gold.

Investors looking to buy gold as an investment can do so either via the open global gold markets or buy way of purchasing gold itself. Buying Gold itself is more common in the Middle Eastern countries, which have gold markets. Investors who are interested in buying gold as an investment, but who do not need to have the physical comfort of the gold's actual presence, can purchase gold on the open market.

Gold can be bought on the global markets either as gold certificates or gold exchange-traded funds. buying gold exchange-traded funds is like to investing in stocks and shares on any stock exchange and is a very convenient method for an investor to have an investment in gold without actually having the gold physically in your presence. Gold certificates allow investors to trade gold on a commodities market.

As in any form of investment, you should further research the market conditions fully as well as validate the sources before making any type of investments.

Currently the Perth Mint Certificate Program is the only government guaranteed program in the world. Buying gold as an investment in the open global markets is bought using the market spot trading price.

Stability and historical appreciation of gold

The spot price of gold is quoted in US Dollars Per ounce. Since 1975, the price of gold has appreciated considerably, making it one of the very profitable investments.

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