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I find it hard to post everyday...

I find it hard to post everyday, and I do have tons of time. I also sometimes feel that people don't want to read a blog from me every single day. The way I look at it is, most of my readers are other bloggers, or folks from twitter. Everyone is busy, and most people already have 15-20 people on their reader.

I know, I'd rather prefer to read 2-4 times from someone a week, but not 5-7 (just my personal preference). It is just way too, time consuming to read every post, from everyone in a week, and I don't want to miss anything from my favorite writers. I concentrate on writing 3 solid pieces a week, and then display those posts around the web to maximize discussion and comments.

There is no right or wrong way in my opinion, but that is the way I'm going.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 01/05/2018






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