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I will not post anything about diets or weight-loss.

I will not post anything about diets or weight-loss. I'm terrible when it comes to these two topics. I will talk about them too often without realizing it and bore people senseless. I don't go on ridiculous diets, but I do believe in cooking from scratch, organic/free range products and the dangers of junk food. I am trying to loose weight, but that is really only of interest to me. So I promise not to babble on about that.

No big emotional stuff. I'm going to keep this as professional as I can. This will not be a platform for whining and complaining, nor will it be a hole for my self-respect and confidence to die in. I will talk about issues that I have feelings about, but I'll try to make them as non-self-indulgent as possible. As an extension, I'm not going to talk about my friends, colleagues or family on here, unless it is to promote their own creativity or enterprises. I think it is one of the lowest forms of betrayal to complain about people online. I believe if you have a problem with someone, you tell me as diplomatically as you can to their face or if that's not an option, deal with it as best you can. You don't go tell the Internet that he or she is a <insert swear word of choice> and they need to <insert violent death or injury of choice>. It's just not on.

There is sort of a rule too, but primarily this is one for YOU. I will not do any challenges e.g. the cinnamon challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the fluffy bunny challenge etc. Some of these challenges are daft and some are just silly.

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