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Are Moderate Republicans Destroying the Conservative Brand?

Conservative equals Republican but Republican does not equal Conservative.

Take the Christian religion for example: Catholics and Protestants all fall under the umbrella of the Christian Church. They all share the same basic principles, but they might go about things differently: whether it's when to worship, how to pray, who is the living leader of the church, and other fundamental ideas. Yet they are not fighting over who is Christian. In fact, now many of the major prominent denominations are banding together to fight Obama and his agenda, specifically regarding the social issues that so many Christians defend so adamantly.

There are some basic tenants to the Conservative platform.

Economic: Low taxes; less regulation; smaller government; less spending; no price controls; no restrictive hiring practices; etc.

Foreign policy: Strong military; promote freedom across the planet and fight for it when necessary; stop giving money to countries whose governments will spend it on terrorist agendas that can potentially harm us; etc.

Social: freedom of religion; keep God prominent in America; traditional marriage; pro-life principles; etc.

Many of these ideals are spread across the entire spectrum of the center-right. Conservatives, Republicans, and Moderates as a whole can come to an agreement on a majority of the important issues that face the party, or at least stay out-of-the-way if their voice or opinion is in a strong minority.

However, what is most important to understand is most Republicans are not Conservative. And that's okay! The party needs diversity! As one of Ronald Reagans favorite mantras states: The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally not a 20 percent traitor. No one side with have a monopoly on public opinion. But not every Republican should run around calling themselves a Conservative which could dilute the meaning of the movement essentially washing out the aim of the purpose altogether.

Right now many Republicans are rewriting the very definition of the word Conservative to try to fit themselves within that mold. Whether they actually support larger government principles, or are weak on social issues or the military, it becomes strictly political as many politicians would privately admit that they are far from Conservative, yet they use the title to score political points and rally support in a hope to win votes.

However this practice can be very destructive. Many politicians who claim the mantle are wishy-washy on the very issues that the Conservative movement defines. What tends to happen is true Conservatives will then begin fighting those who are more moderate and tear into the fabric of the party. Voters see this public bickering and begin to believe that the party is weak and cannot come to an intra-party agreement. If Republicans can't work with each other, then how are they supposed to work with Democrats?

The definition of Conservatism is fairly rigid. Some aspects have been added over time because of new issues arising that either weren't important before, or we're added to accompany a new issue. However the platforms that create the foundation of the Republican Party are necessarily much more fluid in an attempt to accommodate new political recruits from all walks of life as often as possible.

This is exactly how it should be! The Republican Party needs to get as many voices as possible, even differing ones, to expand it's point of view and it's reach. In time different factions will work to assimilate these new supporters, but if the entire group understands the expectations of the party, then certain circles will be more apt and willing to make concessions to promote the greater cause. But when one segment of the party becomes significant or popular, the rest of the party cannot re-define what the other stands for, which by-proxy will dilute the message and cause the very infighting that the Republican Party may not survive. Rather they need to defend their own stance and continue to find common ground.

The Conservative movement needs it. The Republican Party needs it. America needs it.

Posted in Newspaper Post Date 04/22/2018






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