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The positive side of living with anxiety

1. You can feel your limits . Although living with anxiety may constitute as a bad thing, I find ways to turn my negative aspects into positive aspects. Because I have GAD, I feel when I'm becoming too overwhelmed with work or school and I can make careful decisions of what I can and cannot do at a particular time. For example, I was planning on taking 18 credits at Rowan next year; however, that's six classes and two of them are my senior classes for my degree in Communication studies. So, realizing how much work I have to do already, I decided on only taking five classes.

2. You realize the importance of relaxation and patience. Throughout this blog, I have shared the importance of patience. Having anxiety, for me, makes it more important to make sure I have patience and time to relax. Currently, I also work part-time at a local convenience store (Right now, I'm out of work due to health ). I became a strong believer in "Work six days, off the seventh," so I told work that I cannot work Sundays because I need a day to relax. If I have a day to relax, I am more patient with the work that is ahead of me throughout the week.

3. You learn that life is not just about work . You also learn that your life is more precious than you think. You realize that everyone has their positives and negatives about them and you realize what are yours. You learn that you can find ways to make your negative aspects positive to some degree (as noted above). Every Sunday is my day of rest and the next six days from here on out, I will be continuing writing this blog and going to my five doctors appointments . Yes, it is a busy week, but yesterday I was able to relax and prepare myself for what lies ahead.

Wow, as I was writing this blog, I realized how long it got! Well, if this was too much, sorry for my ranting!

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