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I want to work with you not against you.

1. Don't Promise me that You'll use XX as a source.. then turn around and use the competitor

It's great when we get media hits. It means we are doing our job pitched the reporter correctly, landed a clip where our client gets mentioned, and all the hard work and labor of crafting releases, practicing in the mirror on pitching you (Yeah, don't scoff, it makes me better.) Did you know that CEOs love big binders full of media clips and lots of big numbers with circulation, impact, etc? That's how they measure our worth a lot of the time. But you are dashing hopes and dreams of PR pros everywhere (and making me face an angry CEO) when we secure an interview, then you suddenly stop returning my calls. I open up the paper one morning and your story idea is on the front page. with my competitor. Ever heard of marching before a firing squad? Yeah, that's what it's like when a CEO is promised a story, and then the competitor gets it. We can explain until we are blue in the face, but it eventually falls onto us as a mistake.

So, if you don't want to use my client/org as a source, just let me know. Give me a headsup. Don't pull the whole guy thing where they don't return a call after the first date. PR pros are much better than 1st dates.

2. Don't become irritated if I pitch you and it's not your "beat". but your Website, Bacons, past stories says you are

With newspapers going under, many reporters don't have a specific beat, or it's changing frequently. I get it, I understand it. But if I'm pitching you for the first time, I do extensive research into you as a reporter I check out what you have written before, what your Web site says your beat is, what Bacons says it is but I still might not be up to date. Please try to be patient with me and point me in the right direction plus I can always call Bacons and have them update their database, and you can let your Webmaster know to change your beat.

3. We aren't all the same

I hate the "flack" stereotype. I promise I'm smart. I promise I have a college degree. I can form numerous sentences and make a constructive conversation. I work really hard at my job, and not every PR pro is like the lazy one who pitched you on the "most intuitive, amazing toy on the market" and you're the obituary writer. Successful PR pros will research extensively because we know what a headache it can be to have our e-mails jammed full or phones ringing off the hook.

4. We understand deadlines

We are all in the journalism field and understand deadlines. We have them, you have them. I ask a journalist right at the beginning of a conversation if this is a good time, are they on deadline, etc. and if so, when is the best time I can reach them. I then mark it in my spreadsheet so if I ever need to contact you again, I know the best way to do so. Also, if you want to just be e-mailed, let me know. That works too. I'm all for making sure I cater to your preferences.

I want to work with you not against you. White flag is up what would you add?

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