Karina Gould still a Cabinet Minister - different portfolio

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November 21st, 2019



Burlington still has a Member of Parliament in Cabinet. Karina Gould was sworn in as the Minister for International Development.

Just what does a Minister of International Development do?


Burlington MP Karina Gould

We have asked the Minister – who is usually very good at answering questions – unlike several of the Burlington City Council members. But we digress.

It is always useful to have an MP who is a Member of Cabinet; all kinds of goodies flow from that office.

Our bigger concern is – what happened to the job Gould had? She was the Minister of Democratic Institutions. Was the move to International Development a promotion or was it just a place to put Gould.

There does not appear to be a Minister of Democratic Institutions.

The promise in the 2015 election that the Liberals would change the way Members of Parliament are elected would be changed. That didn’t happen during the last Parliament. And it doesn’t look as if it is going to happen during this Parliament.

We have asked Karina Gould what the duties of her new job are – and what happened to the idea of change on the democratic institutions side of things.

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