LaSalle Park Marina could be looking at an early draft of their obituary.

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April 16th, 2018



There is one good aspect to a report the city sent out over the signature of the city manager and that is the information in the report has been made available to those who have identified themselves as stakeholders in what takes place at the LaSalle Park Marina in Aldershot.

The downside is that the LaSalle Park Marina Association may be looking at a draft of their obituary.

The Trumpeter Swan people see the report as a win for them.

LaSalle Park MArinaThe report is set out in its entirety – it suggests a direction that will make Burlington a different city – a lakeside community with little more than a ramp available for those who want to launch watercraft and the end of the marina association. Boaters would be driving to Hamilton and becoming part of that boating community.

It will certainly galvanize the boating community.

There is the sense that the philosophy and practice of the current city manager is to shove the people who use a service out of the managing of the service. That is what was done with the seniors at the Seniors’ Centre – there was a time when the members were heavily involved in the program and the day to day operation of the smart little Bistro they ran.

Those days are over for the seniors.

LaSalle Park - bring about a boat on its way to the water.

LaSalle Park – a boat on its way to the water.

The marina decision will be made by city council – first kick at that can will take place at a May 10th meeting. Will Council make a decision on this matter before the municipal election or will the LPMA members push for a decision from whatever gets elected in October.

The report prepared by the city:

City of Burlington staff are preparing a report to Council on the future of the Marina at LaSalle Park, and are providing you with preliminary information regarding the proposed recommendations in the report. The report will be brought to the Committee of the Whole on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 1:00 pm in Council Chambers.

LaSalle Marina - baots lined up

Boats out of the water for the winter at the LaSalle Park Marina

The report to Council will be structured around the following decision tree:

1. We will be asking Council to provide direction on whether the City should continue to provide marina services. A major capital investment is needed to remain in the service, and it is therefore an appropriate juncture for Council to consider whether to continue to provide the service.

2. If Council chooses not to continue the service, the City would assist in relocating LPMA members’ moorage to Hamilton or other marinas, wind down the joint venture and distribute assets appropriately, and take necessary steps to retain Burlington Sailing and Boating Club, including Able Sail and the boat launch ramp at LaSalle Park Marina.

3. If Council wishes to continue providing marina services, a breakwater replacement must be purchased and installed by the City. Staff’s recommendation will be an improved floating breakwater paid for by the City with an estimated cost of $4 million. Staff will also recommend that the City negotiate a revised relationship with LPMA, to include an operating agreement that will ensure continuity of marina operations.


The option the LaSalle PArk MArina Association hopes is chosen through the Environmental Assessment due MArch 2013.

The option the LaSalle Park Marina Association hopes is chosen through the Environmental Assessment done in 2013. The city staff don’t appear to be on side for any of this.


Staff agrees with the LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) and Grant Thornton conclusion that the marina is not viable without improvements to the existing breakwater.

In the absence of an improved breakwater, the marina, which is already losing members and recreational boaters, will face increasing challenges with insurance, and will at some point become unviable. That could occur within a few years. The current wave break is at its end of life and is being assessed on a year by year basis.

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