Many sports fields are still very soggy - not open for use.

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May 22, 2019



Due to the amount of rain the City has had over the past few weeks, the following Grass Multi-use Fields and Ball Diamonds remain closed today:

• Berton Park F1
• Berwick Green Park D1
• Brada Woods Park D1
• Brant Hills Park D3, F1, F2, F3
• Clarksdale Park D1
• Frontenac Park F1
• General Brock Park D1
• Ireland Park F3, F4
• Kerns Park D1, D2
• Kilbride Park D1, D3, F1
• Landsdown Park D1, F1
• Leighland Park D1, D2
• Lowville Park D1
• Maple Park F1
• Millcroft Park D3
• Newport Park F1
• Orchard Community Park F1
• Palmer Park F1
• Pearson High School Fields
• Sheldon Park D1, F1
• Sherwood Forest Park D1
• Skyway Park D2
• Tom Thompson Diamond
• Wellington Park F2

All other fields are open.

Not much left to use is there?


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