Marathoner celebrates 40th birthday - does a 16.51 km run to celebrate.

sportsgold 100x100By Ashley Worobec

September 10th, 2019



I was asked about the technology I use in my running and how that’s changed over the years.

The watch

Worobec says the watch is the best technology investment she ever made.

The truth is, I only jumped on the “running technology” bandwagon a couple of years ago. I bought a Garmin watch in August 2017 (my sister-in-law worked for Garmin, so that’s why I chose that particular brand) and now I can’t imagine running without it!

Data to date

On going data.

This watch does EVERYTHING for me – it tracks my heart rate (via my wrist; there’s no chest straps involved like older versions), my step count, my pace per kilometre, my distance, my elevation, and much, much more. One of the functions I use regularly is programming workouts- as shown in the example below, I’ve programmed it to run hard for 1 minute, recover for 2 mins, hard for 2 mins, recover for 1 minutes, and repeat that 7 times; this watch will then guide me through that workout and beep at the appropriate times to alert me when to rest and when to push hard.

Morning run

The results of a morning run.

The other technology I use is run mapping. The main website I use for my routes is I’ll map the route ahead of time so that I’m sure I’m going the appropriate distance. This comes in handy when I’m not running with my training group; when I’m running with them, our routes are all pre-planned out for us.

I’ve also linked my watch to Strava (, which is like social media for endurance athletes.

Schedule - 1-2 punch

The watch is tougher than most coaches. Unforgiving!

I’m connected to lots of running friends on there and I can go onto the Strava app and see what runs others have been doing, as well as give them “kudos” (similar to a “like” on Facebook). I find Strava to be a good source of accountability and a bit of a competitive tool as well.

40th sunrise

The sunrise Ashley Worobec witnessed on her 40th birthday. Blessed

I turned 40 on Saturday, and of course I started my day with a run. I’ve included a picture of the sunrise that morning- sunrise runs are my favourite, and I ran along Burlington’s waterfront, which is also my favourite. It was the perfect start to a wonderful day.

November 3rd – the marathon date. I’ve been excited about this for a long time.  The fee to take part – once you qualify is $385.

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