Mary Lou Tanner named to College of Fellows by Canadian Institute of Planners

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May 29th, 2019



Burlington’s Deputy City Manager Mary Lou Tanner has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).


Deputy City Manager Mary Lou Tanner

According to the CIP, “Fellowship is a special status for Members developed by the Canadian Institute of Planners that recognizes excellence, identifies prominent role models, promotes advances in planning practice and draws leaders to the forefront of planning in Canada.”

In order to be nominated to become a Fellow, another member of CIP in good standing must submit an application to the Fellows Selection Jury; with the CIP Board of Directors making the final approval.

The induction to the College of Fellows will occur formally during CIPs national planning conference taking place in Ottawa on July 4, 2019.

The remarks accompanying the nomination said: “Amongst Mary Lou’s remarkable strengths is her extraordinary ability to manage sensitive consultations and her outstanding capacity for consensus-building.

“This was demonstrated repeatedly through her work helping communities navigate such complex issues as intensification, urban sprawl, congestion, affordable housing, environmental protection, and economic development.”


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6 comments to Mary Lou Tanner named to College of Fellows by Canadian Institute of Planners

  • Alfred

    Hi Don did you not read the above article? These are the highlights. Mary Lou Tanner has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Fellowship is a Special status that recognizes excellence and identifies prominent role models. And draws leaders to the forefront of Planning in Canada. May I call on you Sir. To share the mayor and councils past experience in dealing with these matters. Councilor Sharman on his own cannot save the City.

    • Don Fletcher

      There are 100+ CIP Fellows, so yes, this is a nice distinction for Mary Lou Tanner to add to her resume but hardly qualifies her as a “giant” in the field, or is determinant of the quality of work she has done in Burlington (which has always been my point).
      I have made no claim about council’s planning qualifications that needs to be justified. Let’s agree to disagree!

  • Alfred

    Tom and Don have you ever considered the fact that having 2 of the best planners in Canada Mary Lou Tanner and Bruce Krushelnicki having led Burlington Planning Dept.. for over 10 years now. Having some of the best planning staff assisting them. As well as qualified Developers wanting to do business in this community. The OMB almost always ruling in their favour. Has the possibility ever crossed your mind that the Mayor and some of the new inexperienced councilors are clueless about development planning and are not even in the same league as these giants. Read A Place to Grow 16 May 2019 This is the latest Growth Plan passed down to the Municipalities from elected premier Ford It might explain what is coming down the road in terms of development. I think they had our Mayor in mind when they wrote this.

    • Don Fletcher

      Alfred: Please share with us the facts that support your statement that Mary Lou Tanner is one of the best planners in Canada. Thank you.

  • Tom Muir

    Yes, it’s the same lady.

    But make no mistake, and pay attention to the work plan for the reexamination of the OP – it is not being completely reworked and it’s not really a new Mayor and Council that are directing things.

    It’s really the same planning department and same lady, that are once again in charge of actually doing it again. There are supposed to be consultants, but the others can’t do the job and are along for the ride.

    We all better pay very close attention, as what I have seen so far is not much different from a repeat.

    Everybody better look. It’s not done yet, but I see the same thing coming again.

  • Don Fletcher

    Is this the same Mary Lou Tanner who as Director of Planning (and James Ridge protege) helped drive the “Grow Bold” version of Burlington’s Official Plan that totally ignored the majority of residents’ views on intensification, and is now being completely reworked at the direction of a new Council & Mayor?

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