McKenna rumoured to want to be elected Speaker of the Legislature.

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

July 7th, 2018



Before the Legislature can sit to hear the Speech from the Throne that will be read on July 12th at 2:00 pm it first has to elect a Speaker.


Burlington MPP Jane McKenna

Word is that Burlington MPP Jane McKenna is thinking of putting her name forward to be considered for the job.

Disastrous choice if there is any truth to the comments we are hearing.

McKenna’s knowledge of parliamentary process and the history of how the Ontario Legislature actually works it very limited – embarrassingly so.

The job is critically important and calls for a level of wisdom that McKenna can only aspire to but does not have.

The Speaker of the Legislature is elected by the members of the Legislature in a secret ballot.

The Speaker has to understand the role, understand procedure and the history of the Legislative process in Ontario.

At one point Gary Carr, the Chair for the Region of Halton was the Speaker. He did an admirable job and was able to frequently put the then Premier of the province Mike Harris in his place and keep him quiet in his seat.

Jane McKenna is too much of a sycophant to do the job and knows next to nothing about the legislative process.

The Speaker maintains a residence at the Legislature, known as the Speaker’s Apartment.

Salt with Pepper are the opinions, views, musing and observations of the Gazette Publisher.

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4 comments to McKenna rumoured to want to be elected Speaker of the Legislature.

  • doug

    Again showing your and your publications true colours, so much for balanced reporting, in fact I’m tired of it and will be dropping your site.

    • Tom Muir


      You are entitled to not like this and go away, but this is not presented as “balanced reporting”, in the traditional terms. Pepper says what it is at the bottom;

      “Salt with Pepper are the opinions, views, musing and observations of the Gazette Publisher.”

      I read much stronger statements every day, several times, in newspapers, print and on-line. It comes from the Editorial Board mostly, and from the Publisher, sometimes, like here.

      If you haven’t tuned Trump out yet, you know he says stuff like this every days a few times.

      The tone is always the same. His views. Tough calls. Pepper.

      Editors and Publishers get to do it as part of the job.

      Write something back defending McKenna.

  • Kris

    If you are going to make such strong statements about an individual at least have the courage to put your name/names on the article, not simply “Staff”. Thats just simply shoddy journalism to sling mud and hide your identity. Also, try to provide evidence for your assertions. How do you know how much knowledge Jane has about the legislative process? Was there a quiz administered on this that I am unaware of? If so please share.

    Jane has served a term before in the Ontario legislature and if she feels she is able to perform
    the job well then all the power to her in putting her name forward.

    This kind of sloppy journalism should be rejected by people of all political stripes.

    Editor’s note: The writer is correct. Leaving out the name of the writer (the publisher of the Gazette) was an error that has been corrected. We thank the reader for bringing that to our attention.

  • Marnie Mellish

    A wee bit harsh perhaps but I don’t know the whole story & your dealings with our MPP. Hopefully the members will choose the best from the pool.

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