New Democrats announce their Burlington candidate for the June provincial election.

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April 16th, 2018



There will be a New Democratic candidate in the forthcoming provincial election.
Andrew Drummond has announced that he will seek the nomination at the nomination meeting to take place on April 24th, at the Seniors’ Centre on New Street.

Andrew Drummond Headshot

Andrew Drummond: NDP candidate for Burlington.

Drummond is a 38 years old Burlington resident who has lived in the community for 14 years. He has deep family ties to the area as his father spent his childhood in Burlington, living in the Roseland area near Guelph Line and New St.

He is married with two children, ages 14 and 13. His children both did their elementary schooling at Frontenac PS, where Andrew has seen firsthand the results of the forthcoming closure of Robert Bateman HS due to the provincial funding formula.

Drummond has worked his entire 15-year professional career in the telecommunications industry. He started with a small start up that grew to managing national campaigns for Dell Inc. Andrew later had an opportunity to move to Rogers Communications where he currently works on Large Enterprise Strategy with a focus on profitable growth and sustainable services.

On a personal level, Drummond is an avid board-game enthusiast and holds four World Board-gaming Championship titles in Splendor, King of Tokyo, and Titan: The Arena. He also has been playing Ultimate Frisbee on various teams in the area since 2006.

Andrew believes that now is the time that the Ontario government needs to step up and care for its citizens. “I believe that it is the responsibility for the Ontario government to care for all people of Ontario.

“I believe that it is the responsibility of the Ontario government to ensure every Ontarian has access to housing. I believe that it is the responsibility of the Ontario government to ensure every Ontarian has access to efficient medical care, be it in a hospital, doctor’s office, or dentist’s chair. And I believe that Ontarian’s should not be going sick because they cannot afford prescriptions. We can do better”

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3 comments to New Democrats announce their Burlington candidate for the June provincial election.

  • John David

    While I have never been an NDP supporter here in Burlington, I believe strongly that all candidates who put forth an effort should be heard fairly. It looked for awhile as though the NDP might not have a candidate for this election, but Mr. Drummond seems to have stepped up to the plate. I look forward to hearing what he has to say, regardless of whether I agree with it or not.

    What greatly disturbs me is the above comment from Green candidate, Vince Fiorito. Hijacking another candidate’s announcement article is in poor taste, and demonstrates an extreme lack of professionalism and sense of decorum. Debating policy should be left to debates – it should never be done in an effort to eclipse the commitment another candidate has made through their decision to run.

    While I don’t yet know who I will be voting for, and can now say with certainty that I will not be voting Green. I would like Burlington represented by a candidate who shows respect to all of us – including their opponents.

  • RE: now is the time that the Ontario government needs to step up and care for its citizens.

    Question: How will the NDP pay for their social justice promises, given that the Ontario government is already running a deficit and interest payments are around $1B per month?

    FTR, while the Fraser Institute is subjective, I trust their numbers to be accurate:

    I am the Green Party candidate for Burlington. The Green Party shares similar policies on social justice as the NDP. The main difference between us in this area, is that we have a financial plan to pay for increased social services efficiently.

    I support making polluters pay pollution fees at the point pollution enters into our economy. If you pollute a little, you pay a little. If you pollute a lot, you pay a lot. No one should be able to pollute for free. Polluter sources measure their pollution and pay pollution fees with their pollution returns. Pollution auditors catch pollution fee cheats, leading to fines, a portion of which goes to auditor commissions.

    Collected pollution fees go a transparent trust fund, not general government revenue.

    The transparent trust fund pays out dividends to all residents, to ensure everyone has at least a minimalist lifestyle with dignity. Nutritious food, warm clothing, safe shelter, medicare, pharmacare, dental care, eye care, hearing care…. tuitionless post secondary education, fareless public transportation and internet access.

    This approach is a hand up, not a hand out. Our investment in Ontario residents will help make everyone becomes more productive and create a path to self improvement.

    Everyone will have more money in their pockets. Polluting will become more expensive. Homelessness and desperation will disappear. Most of the middle class will see no change in their living standard. Wealthy people who tend to pollute a lot, may have to buy smaller yachts and give up their hummers.

    Effectively I support a guaranteed income approach to
    1. Reduce Government Bureaucracy
    2. Leverage the Efficiency of Free Markets
    3. End the Welfare Trap
    4. Encourage People to Work or Start Businesses
    5. Increase Social Justice & Equality
    See “Why Milton Friedman Supported a Guaranteed Income

    If you want to know more about Green Policies, contact me

  • Stephen White

    What’s this? An NDP candidate with practical, real-life business experience. Wow! Where are all the trade unionists, school board trustees and LEAP agenda proponents?

    I watched the Agenda last night, and saw the debate on the budget and financial issues between Vic Fedeli of the PC’s, Deb Matthews from the Liberals, and Catherine Fife, the NDP MPP for Kitchener-Waterloo. Fedeli was his usual urbane, well-informed, self-assured and knowledgeable self. Matthews was scrambling for answers and looked totally lost. Fife was the most surprising of the three: confident, sensible, reasoned and very articulate….easily a potential successor to Andrea Horwath. Her answers on the deficit were surprising. It is telling when the NDP actually manage to look more reasonable, respectable and sensible than the Liberals.

    This provincial election in Burlington might be a whole lot more interesting than anyone thought. Now…if only we could line up a new candidate for Council in Ward 1. Hmmm…..

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