Plains Road East gas line rupture still an active police and gas company scene.

Gas line rupture Google

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 31, 2013 At 7:30pm, May 31st, police, fire and utilities personnel were still on the scene at Plains Road […]

Burlington law firm offers to give the city $1.3 million over 20 years to have their name on the Alton recreation centre.

Bus station Jogn Street 2 busses

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 31, 2013 – The city’s community services committee approved a staff recommendation to name the new recreation centre in […]

Gas line ruptures on Plains Road East; road closure in effect.

Burlington flags

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 31, 2013 Just after the noon hour police were notified of an 8″ natural gas line break at ESSO, […]

Is the city going to bury some news on the legal fight over the pier in the hoopla that will surrounding its opening? Stay tuned.

Pier approach May 29-13

This is the path people will walk down to get to the pier. Contractors are completing the work and, unless there is a catastrophe, […]

SOM parade route not going to be what it could have been; is there trouble in paradise?

Girl on grass popping head

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 31, 2013. Things have never been really smooth between the Sound of Music people and city hall; there […]

First time pier walker says forget about the cost; enjoy the location and the views.

Byj close to complete

By Walter Byj BURLINGTON, ON. May 30, 2013. First of all, let’s forget about the money and the multiple delays. I know that to […]

How NOT to communicate with your constituents; Ward 6 Councillor fails to communicate.

Air Park - trucks lined up

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 29, 2013. How do you keep the natives happy? How do you answer all the phone calls, take […]

The Terry Fox run this September wil be an event to remember – and be a part of as well.

Cosgrove Terry Fox team custom sweaters

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 29, 2013. The run doesn’t take place until September but this year expect to see a lot […]

New Director of programs at the BAC; cultural master plan delivery moved back to September.

Burlington Art Centre with steel beams

By Staff Burlington, ON. May 29, 2013. The Burlington Art Centre announces the appointment of Denis Longchamps as Director of Programs. Longchamps replaces George […]

Air Park owner builds landfill hills – creates a valley around the home of an Appleby Line resident. It’s apparently legal.


    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 29, 2013. Barbara Sheldon knows the damn thing is there – she just doesn’t understand how someone […]

Did Toronto Elect Tony Soprano? I can tell you how this story is going to end – and it ain’t pretty.


By Ray Rivers. BURLINGTON, ON. May 29, 2013. The Sopranos, a cable TV series about your average mafia boss, living and killing in New […]

Just days left to get a rain barrel and after this morning’s downpour you know why you want one.

Regional aerial

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 28, 2013. The Region has a program that gets you a quality rain barrel with all the fittings for […]

Fairview to become stop and go – at night while the Region paves the road.

Burlington flags

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 29, 2013. Starting the week of June 3, 2013, Halton Region will begin final asphalt paving on Fairview Street […]

Development of the Bridgewater project on the lakeshore seems to be moving too slowly.

Pier - view to Bridgewater site

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 28, 2013. It’s never wise to neglect what the old timers think. Yesterday afternoon Ward 3 Councillor […]

Street address of Burlington police station on to be re-named to commemorate former Constable Bill Henshaw.

HRPS crest

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 27. 2013 South Hampton Blvd, a city street that runs west off Walker’s Line and has just the one […]

Prepare for a parade with the BTTB, fireworks and balloons – and try and figure out what the lawyers are up to – our pier.

Pier - Craig Stevens + Brad Cassidy and XXX

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 27, 2013 The left hand isn’t exactly talking to the right hand – but they know what […]

Two ceremonies: one advancing a cause, the other heard Dvorak’s “Going Home”. Jane Irwin became part of the community memory.


    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 26, 2013. It was a sod turning that didn’t see as much as a blade of grass […]

More trees for the Beachway while the politicians print reports on paper – which comes from trees


    By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. May 25, 2013. If you missed the opportunity to plant trees during the city’s Cleanup/GreenUp a few weeks ago […]

Residents in St. Luke’s precinct don’t like the look of what a developer wants to do to them.

Residents gather at a city hall board room to hear about a development proposal they didn't like the first time they heard about it.  This does not look like a crowd of happy campers.

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. May 25, 2013. If Maurice Desrochers is to ever get the development he has planned for Caroline Street […]

Abolish the Senate – send them all packing.


  By Ray Rivers. BURLINGTON, ON. May 22, 2013. Four Senators and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff either out of a job or wondering […]