Big changes in the management team at city hall. City manager takes on bigger work load while Mike Spicer gets to run the transit system.

City Hall - high frontal view

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2012 The city has made changes to its management structure that will result in the city leading with […]

The RBG hosts the “Mechanical Botanical” Exuberance of Paul Busse. All aboard!

1. OPENING SHOT - children entranced by on-coming G-train

By Margaret Lindsay Holton BURLINGTON, ON December 6, 2012 When we were young, my father built-up a landscaped train set on a ping pong table […]

How different and unique could your Christmas cards be? Museums of Burlington help you give your Christmas a personal touch.

Ireland House Wreath

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2012 The smell of the tree sitting in the room all lit up and decorated; you know its close […]

Three more hurdles and more money in fees than the developer wants to admit before there is a shovel in the ground.

Bridgewater from west looking east on Lakeshore

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 3, 2012 Late Thursday afternoon is becoming Thursday evening as Ken Dakin sat with Matt Jaecklein, Principal, Mayrose Tycon […]

A conclave for the Friends of Freeman Station? A press gang out on the streets? Or just a run of the mill AGM – with benefits?

She's not looking her best right now.  But once she's moved - the work on cleaning her up begins.  You can be part of that process.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2012 The Friends of Freeman Station will be meeting Thursday evening in Annual General Meeting (AGM) mode. This […]

Alton school holds a fund raiser before the doors open. Looking for some help from the community.

A community, still in its formative stage,  holds a fund raising drive for a school that has yet to open.  Construction is on going and so are the muddy roads.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2012 Alton Village School Council is holding our first major fundraiser on Saturday, December 15th from 1-3pm, and they […]

Report provides Committee with the status of the Reserve for contingencies; that is money to fight the legal battle over the pier.

Dec 5-12 looking east

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 5,2012 It was a very short report; just a single page from the Finance department to the Budget and Corporate […]

Full text of Burlington’s Citizen engagament Charter

Iamonaco with post notes on wall - ALL

This document has been revised. The revision is HERE.   The following is the Burlington Community Engagement Charter that was presented to the Budget and […]

Self-realization and the meditative state – all you ever wanted to know at a free class at Burlington Hills this Saturday.

Self revelation event poster

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 4, 2012 If you’ve ever wondered what meditation is; what a Yoga class is really like but you don’t want […]

Santa parade crowds were smaller. BTTB was out in force and the Ho ho man was smiling away.

Polish with sign

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 3, 2012 The weather certainly wasn’t promising. It has rained much of the morning but the people that make parades […]

Three hopeful federal Liberal leadership candidates gather in Burlington to sip coffee and listen to political pitches.

Merner xxx cropped

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 1, 2012 While Burlington chuckles over the problems Toronto has with its Mayor and raises an eyebrow over the […]

When do we reach our 50% level? Soon said Torsney, soon. Dig deeper today and we could be there tomorrow.

United Way - Change starts here

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 1, 2012 The United Way campaign for Burlington and Greater Hamilton has reached that first wonderful number of 50% […]

It took them long enough to bring him in – Griffith’s finally gets to play the Queen’s Head.

Queens Head

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 1, 2012 Well it took them long enough. The guy has been playing his instruments for more than 20 […]

Homeowner wants that car out of his house; no one comes to take it away.

Tavistock car accident

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2012 “Can I have the car towed away” asked the insurance agent as he talked to a Halton […]

A Pittsburgh Steelers, Roethlisberger # 7 jersey stolen from a car in The Orchard. Seen it?

HRPS crest

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2012 They get into their cars and choose a part of town and then methodically go from car to […]

Citizen attempts to set the Mayor straight. Is the Mayor listening? Does he have the capacity to hear? Some very strong points are made.

Spencer Smith PArk from the west

BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2012 Part of the reason for creating this “newspaper on a web site” was to try and re-balance the “information deficit” […]

Toronto theatrical success to play Performing Arts Centre; Miss Caledonia will appeal to those who remember childhood fantasies.

Melody Johnson, on stage during a Miss Caledonia performance.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2012 When Brenda Heatherington took on the task of leading the artistic side of the Performing Arts Centre […]

Novice driver fails to negotiate a curve in the road – crashes into a house. House could collapse. No one injured.

police in cruiser

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2012 It wasn’t a house call; they weren’t crashing a party but two occupants in a Ford Taurus suddenly […]

City purchasing decision screws up security at city hall. Kerr gets fired then re-hired; now all the doors get locked at night.

City Hall - high frontal view

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 28, 2012 Do you remember that bit we did a while ago about those unintended consequences; that mess up […]

Christmas Spirit arrived in Burlington last week – it was delivered by a bunch of hockey coaches.

BLOHMA poster with instructions

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 26, 2012 That stuff about Christmas starting the day after Halloween is a little too rushed for me. I […]